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    Can You Freeze Prosecco?

    Does Prosecco Freeze

    You’ve got guests coming round in half an hour and you’ve just realised you forgot to put the Prosecco in the fridge.

    There’s only one thing for it, the Prosecco is going to have to go into the freezer. 

    But can Prosecco freeze?

    And if the answer to “can you freeze Prosecco” is a yes, does that mean you should?

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    Does Prosecco Freeze?

    Prosecco in Ice

    Prosecco can be frozen and will freeze between -9 and -6°C (15-21°F) if left in the freezer long enough.

    Prosecco may be the funnest fizz around but it still has to adhere to the rules of physics and, like all liquids, if it gets cold enough Prosecco will freeze in the freezer. 

    Now water freezes at 0°C (32°F) but Prosecco will freeze at a slightly lower temperature because it contains alcohol.

    It’s why drinks with a high alcohol content, like vodka, can live in our domestic freezers without becoming solid.

    This means that Prosecco will take longer to freeze, but will freeze nonetheless.

    So how long will it take for Prosecco to freeze?

    How Long Does it Take for Prosecco to Freeze?

    Placing your Prosecco in the fridge so it can cool down quickly may seem like a smart move, but how long do you have before it resembles a frozen mistake?

    It takes about 3-5 hours for Prosecco to freeze.

    Prosecco won’t freeze immediately.

    It takes a little while for the liquid molecules to become completely solid but after an hour or so this transformation should begin to be noticeable.

    So it’s always best to remove your Prosecco after the half hour mark. 

    So how long can you keep Prosecco in the freezer for?

    How Long Can You Freeze Prosecco?

    Freezer Drawer

    After 3 hours...

    You can expect your Prosecco to resemble something in between solid and liquid, like the consistency of a frozen cocktail starting to melt, or snow after a day in the sun. 

    After about 5 hours...

    Your Prosecco will have become completely frozen in the freezer, although this time may vary depending on the freezer used. 

    So, unless frozen Prosecco is your aim, take your Prosecco out of the freezer after 30 minutes to ensure it’s still in liquid form.

    But will putting Prosecco in the freezer ruin it?

    Does Freezing Prosecco Ruin It?

    Not only will placing Prosecco in a freezer drastically change its temperature, the freezer will also change its properties. 

    Think about the difference between a hot americano and an iced vanilla latte.

    Hotter coffees will have aromas so inviting you can’t help but walk into a coffee shop exclaiming “something smells good!”

    The reverse happens when it comes to ice-cold drinks.

    A lot of those vibrant, fruity aromas that make Prosecco such a perfect party drink, can be altered and sometimes lost completely when Prosecco becomes frozen. 

    And then there’s Prosecco’s infamous fizz.

    When prosecco freezes in the freezer it’s not just its tasting notes that become altered, but its sparkle too!

    And what's the fun in a flute of Prosecco once it has gone flat?

    So if freezing Prosecco can change it so much, when is it best to freeze Prosecco?

    When Should you Freeze Prosecco?

    Cocktails, Ice Cubes, Pasta Dish

    In theory, you can put Prosecco in the freezer whenever you want. But as discussed, frozen Prosecco may not always taste fantastic, so freeze Prosecco at your peril.

    There are some instances when freezing Prosecco is the best course of action. 

    • Perhaps you want to level up your ice cube game by creating cubes of frozen Prosecco for your guests.
    • Or, on the rare occasion you find yourself with leftover Prosecco, freezing Prosecco can help to preserve it for a use later on.
    • You can add cubes of frozen Prosecco to your next cocktail, or to a food recipe that calls for the addition of wine.

    Waste not want not!

    So once you’ve frozen your Prosecco, what is the best way to defrost it

    How Do You Defrost Prosecco?

    So when your Prosecco accidentally becomes Frosecco, how do you defrost it?

    The best way to defrost your Prosecco is either by placing it in your fridge and allowing it to slowly come to liquid state or a faster way is to place the Prosecco in a bucket of room temperature water and allow it to defrost that way.

    What if you want to go again?

    Can you refreeze defrosted Prosecco?

    Can you Refreeze Prosecco?

    Alas, refreezing Prosecco isn’t something we’d recommend.

    Chances are the Prosecco will have been altered quite a bit at this point and will be unpleasant to drink.

    Leftover Prosecco should never go to waste, so what are the best ways to freeze Prosecco?

    What Are The Best Methods to Freeze Prosecco?

    Just like if you freeze Champagne, Prosecco is a highly pressurised drink and care should always be taken when opening a bottle.

    The same care should be applied to safely freezing Prosecco, too. 

    When sparkling wine freezes it expands.

    This can cause a bottle to explode in still wines, but when you add Prosecco’s infamous carbonation into the mix, putting Prosecco in the freezer can become quite the extreme sport. 

    You should always decant Prosecco out of the bottle before it freezes, regardless of if you’re freezing an unopened bottle or leftover Prosecco.

    This saves you from having to clear up any potential damage from the bottle breaking as the frozen Prosecco inevitably expands. 

    Any freezer friendly container will do here, just remember to allow room for the frozen Prosecco to expand.

    And there we have it, everything you’ll ever need to know about whether Prosecco will freeze in the freezer and what can be done about it.

    May you never have wasted Prosecco leftovers ever again. 

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