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    How Cold Does a Wine Fridge Get?

    How Cold Is a Wine Fridge

    You’ve decided it’s time to start giving a little more care and attention to your growing wine collection and you’ve decided its the right time to buy a wine fridge.

    Firstly, congratulations, you won’t look back!

    Not only does a wine fridge have the ideal conditions for storing your wine long term, it'll also guarantee your bottles are kept at optimum drinking temperature, ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

    But how cold does a wine fridge get?

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    How Cold Does a Wine Fridge Get?

    Wine Fridge Temperature Range

    Wine fridge temperatures range from 5°C - 18°C or 40°F - 65°F , but most wine fridges don't go below 5°C temperature as this is too cold for most wines.

    But just because your wine fridge can reach those temperatures doesn’t mean your wine should be stored that way.

    Most wines prefer to be kept a little warmer and stored around 12°C (55°F).

    So, if needs be, how can you make a wine fridge colder?

    How Can I Make My Wine Fridge Colder?

    When you’re frequently using a wine fridge at home it’s handy to know how to make the wine refrigerator colder, should the need arise.

    First things first, if you want your wine fridge to run cooler check it is at the right setting.

    The lower the setting the lower the temperature and this will help your wines reach your preferred level of chilled.

    If that’s not cold enough then fear not.

    • Try placing a tray of ice on the top of your wine fridge. This nifty trick will help to cool down your wine fridge even further, which will draw out extra, unwanted heat from the fridge.
    • Worst case scenario you can always place your wine in a freezer if it’s not cold enough, but make sure you do this with care, as no one wants a frozen bottle of forgotten Pinot Grigio for dinner!

    But what about a domestic fridge?

    Will a normal fridge be colder than a wine fridge?

    Does A Wine Fridge Get As Cold As A Normal Fridge?

    Domestic Wine Fridge Temperature

    Does a wine fridge run at the same temperature as a kitchen fridge?

    Normal kitchen fridges will run colder than your wine fridge.

    Most wine fridges will have a low temperature of 5°C (41°F). Whereas your kitchen fridge will run colder, down to 3°C (37°F).

    But just because your kitchen fridge is colder doesn’t mean that it will be better for your wine. Wine fridges have ideal humidity, light and temperature levels and low vibration - designed with your wine in mind. 

    Normal kitchen and domestic fridges will be:

    • Too cold
    • Too dry
    • And have too much exposure to light and vibration

    to keep your wine happy for long periods of time.

    In short, your wine fridge will run as cold as your wine needs so you can be free to go about your day, knowing your wine will be at an ideal temperature whenever you’re ready to crack open a bottle...

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