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    Can You Put Beer In a Wine Fridge?

    Can You Store Beer In a Wine Cooler?

    It goes without saying that wine fridges have been designed with wine in mind, but what else can you put in your wine fridge?

    When you have a lot of guests coming over and not all of them drink wine, it makes sense to use it for other drinks, such as beer, too.

    But can beer go in a wine fridge if a beer fridge or drinks fridge isn't available?

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    Can You Store Beer in a Wine Fridge? 

    Beer in a wine fridge

    Yes, you can store beer in your wine fridge, which is going to make every party you have from now on a whole lot easier.

    If you want to keep your beer separate from your kitchen fridge, or just make sure its chilled to the perfect temperature, then putting beer into your wine fridge can be a really smart use of refrigerated space.

    But beer doesn’t exactly taste like wine, does it?

    So does beer need to be kept at a different temperature to wine?

    What's The Best Temperature for Beer in a Wine Cooler (3 Varieties)?

    Beers in a fridge

    Just like wine, there are lots of different types of beer and they all require different temperatures.

    As a general rule, beer likes to be stored between 3-13°C (38-55°F) but different styles of beer will prefer different temperatures.

    Always check your thermostat on your wine fridge to see what temperature your wine fridge is running at and whether it is suitable for storing beer at, too.

    Let’s take a look at some common beer styles and the storage temperatures they prefer.

    1. Wheat Beers & Pilsners

    Both wheat beers and pilsners are popular styles of Germanic beer and it’s important to get the temperature just right.

    Store wheat beers and pilsners well chilled, between 4-10°C (40-50°F).

    2. IPAs & Lagers

    IPAs are all the rage amongst craft beer fanatics and for good reason, they’re delicious.

    Both IPAs and Lagers are perfect beers for hot summer days, aim to keep them slightly warmer than wheat beers, between 7-10°C (45-50°F).

    3. Sours, Bocks and Stronger Ales

    This category of beer is one for the connoisseurs.

    Sours, bocks and stronger types of ale are more complex styles of beer and as a result can handle being stored and served slightly warmer, at around 10-15°C (50-60°F)

    So now you know the best temperatures for each style of beer, but what about packaging?

    Can all types of beer go in a wine fridge? What about bottled beer?

    Can a Wine Fridge Hold Beer Bottles?

    Beers in a fridge

    While wine fridges are designed to store wine bottles (most are specifically designed for Bordeaux and Burgundy sized bottles) they're also able to easily store beer bottles too!

    Shelving in wine fridges is designed to be quite flexible, so you should have no problem placing your beer bottles into the wine fridge, too.

    You just may have to be flexible about how you store them:

    • Lie beer bottles flat (on their sides) rather than standing
    • Remove a shelf or two to give you more space
    • Add a piece of thin sturdy material (thin wood) to a slated wine shelf to allow you to stand up beer bottles.

    But what about cans?

    Can canned beer go into a wine fridge?

    Can You Put Cans in a Wine Cooler?

    Beer Can Chilled

    Yes, wine fridges will be able to accommodate cans of beer with ease, which is going to make every gathering that bit easier to organise.

    Cans or bottles, beer or wine, it can all fit in the same wine fridge!

    So there we have it, the answer to all your beer storage needs.

    Just remember to check the temperatures for specific styles of beer and try not to overcrowd the fridge in the process, or neither beer nor wine will get cold enough!

    Also give the bottles time to get to temperature (nobody likes a warm beer!)

    Summary of Can Beers Go In a Wine Fridge?

    Heres a summary of the key info about putting beers in a wine fridge:

    Beer Styles Temperature Range (°C/°F)
    Wheat Beers & Pilsners 4-10°C (40-50°F)
    IPAs & Lagers 7-10°C (45-50°F)
    Sours, Bocks, Strong Ales 10-15°C (50-60°F)


    Best ways to store beer in a wine fridge:

    Packaging Storage Instructions
    Bottles Lie flat, remove shelves, or add sturdy material (like a thin piece of wood or plastic) to support standing position
    Cans Easily accommodated in a wine fridge

    General tips for storing beers in a wine fridge:

    • Always check the wine fridge temperature settings
    • Don't over fill the wine fridge as this can effect the temperature
    • Allow any beer bottles time to reach the right serving temperature before you start cracking them open - remember, no one wants a warm beer!

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