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    Can You Keep Food In a Wine Fridge?

    Can You Keep Food In a Wine Fridge

    Wine fridges have been designed to have the ideal conditions to refrigerate your wine - hence the name.

    But what about food?

    Wine and food go great together on the dinner table, so can they be put in a wine fridge together too?

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    Can You Store Food In a Wine Fridge?

    The answer to whether you can store food in a wine fridge really depends on the food in question.

    You see, wine fridges have been designed with very specific criteria in mind - to provide the best conditions for wine.

    And what is good for wine may not be so good for other types of food.

    So let’s take a look at more specific types of food you may want to store in your wine fridge and see how they’ll fare.

    Storing Cheese In a Wine Fridge

    Cheese and wine are a match made in heaven so you’ll be thrilled to know that the conditions inside a wine fridge are well suited to most cheeses as well.

    A cool and consistent environment is required for cheese storage and the temperature range of a wine fridge is ideal for most cheeses and will help to maintain their coveted flavours and textures.

    Just be warned, particularly smelly cheeses may affect the smell of your prized wines, so either wrap them up well or place them in a separate fridge, to be on the safe side. 

    So if cheese works so well inside a wine fridge, what about chocolate?

    Storing Chocolate In a Wine Cooler

    Have you ever placed your chocolate in a normal fridge and noticed a change in colour occurring?

    Chocolate is very sensitive to temperature change and sometimes a white film or “bloom’ can form as a result.

    Wine fridges work to ensure a stable temperature and consistent humidity levels and storing your chocolate in a wine fridge can help to keep your chocolate in perfect condition.

    Storing Cigars In a Wine Fridge

    Cigars and fine wine go hand in hand and both require specialised storage to keep them in good condition.

    Quality cigars require storage which create a specific and controlled humidity level so as to not dry them out.

    Luckily, wine fridges also require good levels of humidity and storing your cigars in a wine fridge can help to preserve their flavours. 

    So if wine fridges can work for the preservation of cheese, chocolate and cigars, what about meat?

    Could you age meat in a wine fridge?

    Ageing Meat In a Wine Cooler

    There are fridges designed specifically with ageing meat in mind and you may have seen examples of these at your local steak restaurant.

    But surely one specialised fridge is the same as another and you can age meat in your wine fridge, too?

    Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend ageing meat in your wine fridge.

    Wine fridges are very smart, but they’re designed with wine in mind, not the smell and logistics of ageing meat.

    So best to speak to your local butcher here, or invest in a fridge designed for long term meat ageing.  

    Keeping Sodas In a Wine Fridge

    There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a cool can of soda so can your sodas go in your wine fridge, too?

    Yes, you can store soda in a wine fridge!

    Wine fridges are great spaces to store your soda and soft drinks and will keep them at a perfectly chilled temperature ready whenever you are.

    Just be careful not to overcrowd your fridge and prevent all that cool air from circulating.

    So if wine fridges are great for sodas, can you store your milk in wine fridges, too?

    Storing Milk In a Wine Cooler

    Whereas wine fridges are great spaces for sodas, milk requires a little more TLC and wine fridges don’t have the right conditions to ensure your milk will remain fresh and bacteria free for as long as possible.

    Always try to store your milk in kitchen fridges as they have been designed to keep milk fresh for as long as possible.

    Before You Go... 

    So there we have it!

    Wine fridges as a surprisingly versatile storage solution for some of your favourite foods.

    Just remember that wine fridges are not standard fridges and whilst they work well with some foods, always check the specific requirements to ensure you won’t be damaging the food (or your wine!) in the process. 

    We hope this provides you with all the answers on can you keep food in the wine fridge.

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or email us at

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