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    Does a Wine Fridge Need Plumbing?

    Does a Wine Cooler Need Plumbing?

    So you’re thinking about getting a wine fridge and you’re about to hit the checkout on the one you’ve been eyeing up for months.

    But then the thought pops into your head:

    Does a wine fridge need plumbing?

    Do Wine Fridges Need Plumbing?

    The short answer is no, a wine fridge doesn't need plumbing.

    Wine fridges do not require plumbing so you’re free to buy your wine fridge without worrying about additional plumbing costs.

    You see, wine fridges work to regulate the temperature and for this they’ll require access to electricity, but they don’t involve water, so plumbing isn’t necessary.

    Just in case you wanted another expert opinion, we asked plumbing expert Ben Shears from Shears PHG about whether a wine fridge needs plumbing: "No, a wine fridge is a self contained unit that doesn't need an external water supply, it just requires a standard mains power connection". So there you have it from a qualified plumbing expert none the less! 

    But is that the case for all wine fridges?

    Does a Freestanding Wine Fridge Need Plumbing?

    No, your freestanding wine fridge will need to be located somewhere that’ll keep provide sufficient ventilation, but it does not need plumbing.

    Does a Built In Wine Fridge Need Plumbing?

    A built in wine cooler has been designed to be incorporated into cabinet spaces but it doesn’t need plumbing, so that’s one less thing to consider!

    Does an Integrated Wine Fridge Need Plumbing?

    No, again!

    Integrated wine coolers are very versatile fridges and seamlessly sit off the floor but, like all the other wine fridges, they don’t require plumbing either.

    So if wine fridges don’t need plumbing, what do they need?

    What Do Wine Fridges Need Then?

    The Right Ventilation

    Ventilation is crucial when it comes to wine refrigeration so make sure all your vents are clean and none of them are blocked by walls or cabinets.

    A Good Environment

    It’s vital that your wine fridges are stored in the right environment to avoid them running continuously.

    Make sure the room your wine fridge is in doesn’t go below 0°C (32°F) or above 20°C (68°F).

    The Correct Usage

    Keep the door to your wine fridge closed as often as you can to keep the cold air in and make sure you keep it attached to the power and that the power is on at all times.

    This will help to keep your wine cool for whenever you’re next in need of a glass.

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