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    Wine Fridge Dimensions & Sizes

    Sizes of Wine Fridges

    In this post, we will cover what wine cooler dimensions and sizes are important to consider before making your purchase.

    From the height to the depth of your new wine fridge we give you all the tools you need to make sure the wine cooler you purchase perfectly fits the space you have in mind.

    We'll guide you through selecting the right wine fridge size and type to keep your treasured wine collection chilled to perfection.

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    Wine Cooler Dimensions & Sizes

    Like any home appliance the dimensions of the appliance you purchase need to fit the space you have available.

    Essentially there are 3 types of wine fridges (all with different requirements when it comes to the dimensions and space required to operate correctly). 

    We discuss all 3 main types of wine fridge in this post:

    • Freestanding
    • Built in
    • Integrated

    The key criteria to consider when it comes to installing a wine fridge are:

    1. How much ventilation space is needed around the wine fridge
    2. Whether the unit is built into a cabinet or under counter
    3. The basic height, width and depth of the wine fridge in millimetres, centimetres or inches (depending on the units in your country)


    Wine Fridges Installed In Kitchen

    Why Are Wine Fridge Dimensions Important

    Like any appliance the heigh, width and depth of a wine fridge are the most important characteristics to consider.

    As you can see in the image below, all wine fridges (especially built in and integrated models) come with a detailed installation drawing including theres measurements.

    We highly recommend you review the installation drawings of any wine fridge you're looking to purchase (prior to purchasing).

    Check that the measurements, dimensions and size are suitable for where your looking to install the wine cooler. 

    It's important to consider the installation diagrams more throughly when purchasing a built in or integrated model.

    It may be worth passing this information along to any kitchen fitter or carpenter you're using for a new kitchen or home project to review and check the wine fridge dimensions are suitable for the cabinet you're looking to install the unit into.


    Wine Cooler Installation Sizes

    What Size Wine Cooler Do I Need?

    The key factors to consider when purchasing a wine cooler in terms to the size and dimensions are:

    1. Where you are looking to position the appliance?
    2. How much space you have available?
    3. How much ventilation is required for the model being purchased?

    Wine Fridge Sizes By Type

    There are 3 different types of wine fridge model, all with a variety of sizes and dimensions available to suit the space you're looking keep your wine collection in.

    Freestanding Wine Chillers

    Freestanding wine chillers are perfectly suited for use in a utility room, dining room or living room. They are available in a wide variety of sizes (listed below) and most importantly need adequate ventilation.

    Widths of Freestanding Models

    These units are available with the following widths:

    • 480 - 720 mm and the vast majority of products available in 600 mm width

    Depth of Freestanding Models

    Depth of a freestanding wine fridge is very important to consider as they need at least an ADDITIONAL 100 - 150 mm gap left behind the unit for ventilation.

    Freestanding units are available in depths:

    Height of Freestanding Models

    A large variety of freestanding models are designed for use in a variety of spaces in your home or business generally the heights of products available are:

    • from small 820 - 880 mm high 
    • around 1500 mm high at the medium height level
    • up to large 1720 mm high 

    Bottle Capacities Available

    The capacity of your freestanding wine fridge is important, as you need it to be large enough to hold the number of bottles you need, but also not be so large that you're wasting space (and therefore energy/money).

    We offer a range of freestanding wine fridges with bottle capacities from 20 to 300+ Bordeaux bottles.

    Installation of Freestanding Models

    The weight and size of the cooler might make installation problematic, therefore it is essential to investigate the type of installation required for each cooler - unless installation is included.

    A built-in unit or integrated appliance is usually more difficult to install than a freestanding unit.

    Wine refrigerators that are freestanding can be put on your countertop or next to your refrigerator or cabinets.


    Small Wine Coolers Sizes

    It's critical that freestanding models are given at least 100 mm - 150 mm of free space around the side and back of a freestanding model, while there should be at least 300+ mm space over the top of a freestanding unit.

    This space allows this type of wine fridge to stay cool, ventilate heat (and not over heat).

    For a more seamless appearance, built-in wine coolers can be fitted within kitchen units or beneath cabinets. Integrated versions are identical to built-in ones, with the addition of a cabinet door on the front (to make them fit into your existing kitchen better).

    Built In Wine Coolers

    Built in wine fridges are perfectly suited for use under counter or built into cabinetry. These models are usually installed directly on to the floor or raised slightly on a platform to be built into cabinetry.

    Its critical for these models that space is left on the hing side of the door (for the door to swing open) and also 0.5 - 1 mm

    Widths of Built In Models

    These units are available with the following widths:

    • All models are usually 5 mm narrower than the above measurements to allow for the doors to swing open freely on the hinge side

    Depths of Built In Models

    Depth of a built in wine fridge is very important to consider.

    Many kitchen appliances have a standard In terms of the depth of built in wine coolers, you can find models with the following depths:

    • 550 mm all the way up to 725 mm


    Built In Wine Cooler Dimensions Under Counter

    Height of Built In Models

    A large variety of built in wine fridges are designed for under counter use so there are a large quantity of heights available are:

    • from 820 - 880 mm high (ideal for under counter use)
    • around 1500 mm high (medium height built in use)
    • up to tall 1720 mm high (perfect for floor to ceiling use in a kitchen cabinet) 

    Bottle Capacities Available (Built-In)

    The capacity of your built in wine fridge is a key criteria to consider when looking at the sizes of models available.

    We offer a range of built in wine fridges with bottle capacities from 17 to 200+ Bordeaux bottles.

    Installation of Built In Models

    A minimum of 0.25 cm of ventilation space must surround a built in wine cooler. This allows for the dispersion of heated air. The back of the unit requires a breathing gap of 0.5 to 1 cm to facilitate ventilation and the power cable.

    The appliance should not come into contact with the back of the cabinet or wall, since this might produce vibrations. You can find more about how to install a build in wine fridge here.


    Large Wine Coolers Built In

    Integrated Wine Fridges

    As the name suggests, integrated wine coolers are compact refrigeration units built into an existing kitchen cupboard or cabinet.

    They offer a perfectly flush, panel ready finish and either self ventilate (so don't require any air flow behind or below compared to a built in model) or most models ventilate from the rear so a channel of air is required behind the unit.

    Widths of Integrated Models

    These units are available with the following widths:

    • The vast majority of products available are 600 (595) mm wide
    • All models are usually 5 mm narrower than the above measurements to allow for the doors to swing open freely on the hinge side

    Depth of Integrated Models

    Depth of an integrated wine fridge is very important to consider.

    Many kitchen appliances have a standard In terms of the depth of built in wine coolers, you can find models with the following depths:

    • 550 mm to 600 mm depth

    Height of Integrated Models

    Integrated wine fridge sizes are designed to fit the standard dimensions of kitchen cabinetry. There are a large quantity of heights available suitable for fitting into the following cabinet cavity (aperture) space are:

    • 450 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm, 1250 mm, 1780 mm high
    • Its important to note that integrated wine fridges have a height for the the main body of the unit - that fits in to the cavity in the cabinet and a further height (and width) which is slightly larger for the door which is marginally larger in size. This should be accounted for prior to purchase to avoid any dimension clashes with cabinetry. 

    Bottle Capacities Available (Integrated)

    The bottle capacity of your integrated wine refrigerator is an important factor to consider when comparing the sizes of different models to meet your requirements.

    We provide integrated wine chillers with capacity ranging from 18 to over 114 Bordeaux bottles.

    Installation of Integrated Models

    Integrated wine fridges are compact refrigerated units that are incorporated, flush into an existing kitchen cabinet or cupboard.

    Due to the fact that these models do not require front ventilation, you may cover the front door of the wine cooler with a door that matches the rest of your cabinets.

    They are useful for filling vacant spaces in new kitchens and ensuring that both red and white wines are served at the correct temperature for consumption.

    Usually integrate models can be installed to give a "floating" look within cabinetry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the standard wine fridge size?

    The standard size for a wine fridge is approximately 600 mm wide, 600 mm deep and 820mm high.

    How much room do you need for a wine fridge?

    There are a wide range of wine fridge size, many measure 150 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 600 mm or 680 mm. We offer all types of wine fridges from small to large and narrow to wide.

    How much space does a wine fridge need for ventilation?

    For a freestanding wine fridge you need 50 - 100 mm ventilation space around the back and the sides plus a minimum of 300 - 400 mm space over the top. For built in and integrated wine coolers you need 1 - 2 mm around the sides and 10 - 20 mm at the rear of most models.

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