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    How High (Tall) Is a Wine Fridge?

    Wine Fridge Height Guide

    How high is a wine fridge? Good question. It all depends on they type and size of wine fridge you're looking to buy as wine coolers are available in various heights, from small to tall.

    The height of a tall wine fridge can be around 1700mm to 1900mm high, while the height of a small wine fridge can be a small as 650mm. There are probably even small models than 650mm high but that is the smallest height of wine fridge we stock here at Expert Wine Storage. 

    When thinking about the height of wine fridge you need you need to consider a few key points which we'll run through. These factors are especially important when purchasing a built in or integrated wine fridge which is being installed under a counter or into cabinetry.

    Wine Fridge Height: What Height Do They Come In?

    Wine Fridge Install Diagram

    Here are the common heights of the 3 popular types of wine fridge:

    • Freestanding Wine Fridge Height - Ranges from 650mm to 1900mm high
    • Built in Wine Fridge Height - Ranges from 820mm to 1820mm high
    • Integrated Wine Fridge Height - Ranges from 455mm to 1800mm high

    Like any home appliance the dimensions of the appliance you purchase need to fit the space you have available.

    Essentially there are 3 types of wine fridges (all with different requirements when it comes to the dimensions and space required to operate correctly). 

    Standard Wine Fridge Heights To Consider

    The height considerations you need to take into account differ depending on whether you're purchasing a freestanding, built in or integrated wine fridge.

    Take a look at our guide on each type of wine fridge and their height below.

    As with all wine fridges, consult with the installation diagrams / product manuals before purchasing.

    Freestanding Wine Refrigerator Heights

    • Freestanding wine fridges are available with the smallest heights right down to 650mm high (and probably slightly lower are available too) however you also need to consider that these models require at least 30-50cm free space at the top to ventilate sufficiently. So always factor this in to any width calculation you make when considering a purchase. 
    • Freestanding wine fridges are not suitable for positioning when they are covered over the top of the unit as heat is unable to escape.
    • Aside from free space at the top, freestanding models must not be contained at the rear or the sides either so essentially they're best suited to be left in free space with plenty of room to ventilate. This being said, freestanding units can be positioned with 5-10cm free space at the sides and the rear.

    Built In Wine Cooler Heights

    Front View of Wine Fridge Install
    • Built in wine coolers are available with essentially 3 height options, under counter height, medium height and tall height.
    • The under counter models are around 820mm - 880mm to fit under counters. 
    • The medium height models are around 1200mm high
    • The taller, full height models are available with heights of between 1700mm and 1800mm
    • Crucially these types of wine cooler don't need any ventilation space at the rear, sides or top of the unit (which eats up more space).
    • Built in models ventilate from the air vent in the front so the width measurement you see on installation diagrams only needs to factor in 10-15mm on the hinge side of the door (where it swings open), this should be shown in the installation diagrams
    • Also - be careful, a 60cm wine fridge isn't always 600mm deep (like other kitchen appliances can be). Many are 600mm + deep so may not fit with your carpentry designs.

    Integrated Wine Cooler Heights

    • Integrated wine fridges are around 455mm to 1800mm high. 
    • While we sell many integrated wine fridges which are self ventilating - this means no additional ventilation space is required at the rear or top - there are also a large number of integrated models which require an air channel at the rear of the unit to ventilate the unit correctly.
    • Make sure you consider this when purchasing an integrated wine fridge - you can find out if a model is self ventilating on product pages and via the product manuals / installation guide.

    What Is The Minimum Height for a Wine Fridge

    The minimum height of a wine fridge we sell is 650mm or 65cm high.

    You can find our the smallest product we sell here:

    How High is an Under Counter Wine Fridge

    Under Counter Wine Fridge Install Diagram

    Under counter wine fridges available range from 820mm to 880mm high.

    When purchasing an under counter wine coolers make sure you note the following:

    • Most under counter models will require 10-15mm space on the hinge side of the door to allow the door to swing open when fitted into cabinetry
    • Whatever the stated width, its usually the case that the width of a built in or under counter unit is 5mm slimmer, so a 150mm wide unit is actually 145mm wide, a 300mm wide unit is actually 295mm and so on all the way to 600mm wide units which are actually 595mm wide.

    Summary of Height of Wine Coolers

    We hope you enjoyed learning all about the height of wine fridges.

    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or email us at

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