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    How Long Does Boxed Wine Last? (Opened, Unopened & Expiry)

    How Long Does Box Wine Last

    There is perhaps no better way to prepare for a large social gathering than with a bag in box (or BiB) wine.

    It’s the smartest way to purchase wine for events and parties, but how long will this wonderful way of packaging wine last for?

    Once you’ve opened your boxed wine and got the party going, how long will the boxed wine last? 

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    How Long Does Boxed Wine Last Once Opened?

    Wine In a Box

    Boxed wine can last up to 6 weeks after opening compared to just a few days for opened bottles of wine.

    This is considerably longer than bottle wine as bag in box wine can last a lot longer once opened than a bottle of wine, which is what makes it such an attractive option.

    Boxed wines contain a vacuum style sealed bag and are designed to keep your wine fresher for longer, although please check the box in question as the best before guidelines may vary depending on the style. 

    Here's a summary of all you need to know about how long boxed wine lasts:

    Key Information Boxed Wine Duration
    Opened Boxed Wine Up to 6 weeks, longer than opened bottles
    Unopened Boxed Wine Generally lasts 2-3 years
    Storage for Opened / Unopened Boxed Wine Cool, dark, quiet conditions like a cellar or wine fridge
    Expiration of Boxed Wine Varies; check specific brand guidelines

    So does this mean that unopened boxed wine can last longer than unopened bottles of wine?

    How Long Does Boxed Wine Last Unopened?

    Wine Storage

    Good quality boxed wine will even keep well for a 2-3 years.  

    Now this will depend on the style and quality of the wine itself, but as a rule most boxed wines will last for a good few months unopened.

    Boxed wine isn’t suitable for long term storage, like glass bottles are, so it may not be worth buying a box of wine with a decades worth of cellaring in mind. 

    So how should you store your BiB wine to keep it at its best?

    How To Store Opened Boxed Wine

    Once your wine has been opened oxygen will start to interact with it, causing changes to its appearance and flavours. 

    This process happens a little slower with bag in box wines because of their design, but you should still take care to store them well.

    Store your opened boxed wine in the fridge, this will help to keep the wine fresh for as long as possible (and as a bonus, means it’s always ready to drink.)

    But should you store your unopened boxed wine in the fridge too?

    How To Store Unopened Boxed Wine

    Boxed wine is fantastic, but it’s not invincible and care should be taken when storing your unopened BiB wine.

    Just like all of your prized bottles, keep your boxed wine in cool and dark conditions, away from noise, light and vibrations.

    A wine cellar is perfect here, but a garage, cupboard under the stairs or even under your bed can work wonders.

    So if boxed wine can keep your wine fresher for longer, does it go bad at all?

    Does Boxed Wine Go Bad?

    Just like all wine, boxed wine can go bad and will deteriorate over time once opened. 

    Boxed wines have been designed to help keep the wine inside them fresher for longer, by working to reduce the amount of oxygen that comes into contact with the wine with robust seals.

    But eventually, as with all things in this life, the oxygen will win and the wine will start to lose its quality and flavours as a result.

    So how can you tell if your boxed wine has gone bad?

    How Can You Tell Boxed Wine Has Gone Bad?

    How To Test Wine Has Gone Bad

    Okay so your boxed wine has been open for a few weeks now, how can you tell if the wine has gone bad?

    There’s only one thing for it, you’re going to have to pour yourself a glass and take a big sniff.

    • Does the wine smell off to you?
    • What about the colour, has it faded a little?
    • Take a sip, does it still taste the same as when you last drank it?

    If you notice any big changes or unpleasant flavours going on chances are the wine has gone bad.

    But if it’s still looking and drinking the same then good news, the wine is yours to celebrate with for a little while longer. 

    So can you keep BiB wine in the fridge?

    Do You Keep Opened Boxed Wine In The Fridge?

    Yes, once opened your boxed wine can absolutely be kept in the fridge. 

    Most boxed wines will be lighter styles that will benefit from being chilled so keeping them in the fridge is a no-brainer, really. 

    Not only will a fridge mean they’re ready to drink whenever you are, but the temperatures will help to maintain the quality of the wine over time.

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    So should you keep your unopened boxed wine in the fridge, too?

    Do You Keep Unopened Boxed Wine In The Fridge?

    Wine Fridge Storage

    You can absolutely keep your unopened boxed wine in the fridge and this will help keep it chilled and fresh, but it’s not necessary.

    Instead, strive for cool and dark conditions that are free from bright sunlight, loud noises and disruptive vibrations as this will help keep the wine better for longer. 

    So what is the shelf life of an unopened boxed wine?

    Does boxed wine have an expiration date?

    Does Boxed Wine Expire?

    Boxed wine is very clever, but unfortunately it can still deteriorate over time. 

    The expiry dates will vary from wine to wine, so always check the specific guidelines that come with your chosen boxed wine.

    When in doubt, ask the wine retailer selling the boxed wine to you, as they’ll know the expiry dates of your BiB wine best. 

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