How Long Does White Wine Last?

    How Long Does White Wine Last Guide

    White wines really come into their own in the summertime. Cold and citrus fresh, they really make the most refreshing of al fresco companions. 

    But how long do you have to enjoy your white wine once the bottle has been opened? 

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    How Long Does Opened White Wine Last?

    How long your opened bottle of white wine will last depends on the quality but as a rule, most white wine can last about 3-4 days after opening

    Of course, the fresher the better when it comes to white wine, but isn’t it nice to know that there’s a glass or two left in the fridge for later on in the week, should you wish?

    But what about unopened bottles?

    How Long Does Unopened White Wine Last? 

    Now, this very much depends on the wine itself but as a general rule white wine can last for up to 5 years if unopened

    Some top quality whites, such as Burgundies made from Chardonnay, may have the potential to age for longer, so always check in with the person selling you the wine to see what they have to say. 

    So what’s the best way to store white wine to keep it better for longer?

    How To Store Opened White Wine

    As soon as your wine has been opened oxygen is going to interact with it and slowly diminish the wine’s flavour and vitality. 

    So to help keep this pesky oxygen at bay for as long as possible, put a stopper or cork in the wine bottle and keep it in the fridge where possible.

    Does this mean unopened white wine should go in the fridge too?

    How To Store Unopened White Wine

    What is the best way to store unopened wine?

    The key to storing unopened bottles of white wine for as long as possible is to keep them cool and calm.

    So find somewhere with minimal exposure to light, that has cool and consistent temperatures and is also away from any disturbances caused from loud noises and vibrations. 

    A quality wine fridge works wonders, here.

    If you store your white wine in these expert conditions, will that stop it from going bad?

    Does White Wine Go Bad?

    We’re sorry to say that yes, white wine can and will go bad, which is why it’s so important to store it well.

    If you want further tips on how to store your wine please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Expert Wine Storage. 

    So how do you know if a white wine has gone bad?

    How Can You Tell if White Wine Has Gone Bad?

    Here are some things to look out for to tell if your wine has gone bad:

    • Does the wine look hazy or cloudy or a little bit brown? If it’s not clear and bright chances are there may be some faults at play.
    • How does the wine smell? If you’re getting some weird aromas then your white wine may have gone bad.
    • What does the wine taste like? If it’s resembling vinegar as opposed to delicious white wine then we’re sorry to say it may be too late for this particular bottle.

    Can a fridge help to keep your white wine fresher for longer?

    Do You Keep Unopened White Wine In The Fridge?

    Yes, please! Opened white wine can be stored in the fridge. 

    Whether it’s a Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc, simply put a stopper in your bottle and keep it in the fridge and it should be good to drink for another 3-4 days. 

    Should unopened bottles of white wine go in the fridge, too?

    Do You Keep Unopened White Wine In The Fridge?

    The better you store your unopened bottles of white wine the longer they will last for. 

    Fridges may be great for keeping wine cold but they have quite dry conditions that aren’t always fantastic for storing wine in the long term. 

    So keep your unopened white wine somewhere cool and dark like a wine cellar or garage and, depending on the style, they should be able to keep for a good few years.

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    But will the wine keep forever? Or does white wine have an expiry date?

    Does White Wine Expire?

    Like all good things in this life, even white wine has an expiry date and may not be good to drink if you keep it for too long. 

    So try not to put off drinking your favourite wines until it’s too late.

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