How Long Does Cabernet Sauvignon Last? (Full Guide)

    How Long Does Cab Sauv Last

    Whether it's from Bordeaux or Tuscany, there’s no better investment at the moment than a bottle of good quality Cabernet Sauvignon.

    But once you’ve picked out your prized bottles of Cab Sauv how long can you expect them to last?

    Let’s have a look at opened bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon first, shall we? 

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    How Long Doe Cabernet Sauvignon Last?

    Generally, an unopened bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon can be stored for up to 10 years. While an opened bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon lasts 4-5 days. The shelf life of Cabernet Sauvignon varies depending on its style and whether the bottle is opened or unopened. 

    Does Cabernet Sauvignon Last Opened?

    How Long Cab Sauv Lasts

    In this instance Cabernet Sauvignon is no different than Pinot Noir, as an opened bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon can be good for up to 4 days

    But what about the unopened bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon that almost look too good to open?

    How long are your unopened bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon good for?

    How Long Does Cabernet Sauvignon Last Unopened?

    How Long Unopened Cabernet Sauvignon Lasts

    Now this is when Cabernet Sauvignon really comes into its own as unopened good quality Cabernet Sauvignon can last for up to 10 years if stored correctly

    All of those wonderful grippy tannins that make Cabernet Sauvignon such a sought after wine also give the wine the structure to age for years and years, making it a perfect wine to invest in.

    So what’s the best way to store Cabernet Sauvignon to make sure your investment won’t go to waste?

    How should you store your opened Cabernet Sauvignon?

    How To Store Opened Cabernet Sauvignon

    Storing Opened Cab Sauv

    In order to reduce the diminishing effect of oxygen on your wine, it’s smart to put a stopper or cork in the wine bottle.

    This will keep your Cabernet Sauvignon fresher for longer. 

    Temperature is also key here.

    Try to keep opened Cabernet Sauvignon in a cool and dark environment. 

    A wine cooler does a perfect job for keeping wine in pristine condition but a cupboard or garage will work well, too.

    But what about unopened bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon? 

    How To Store Unopened Cabernet Sauvignon

    Storing Unopened Cab Sauv In Wine Room

    If you’ve invested some money on a collection of Cabernet Sauvignon then let’s make sure that money wasn’t spent in vain.

    Store any unopened bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon somewhere:

    • Cool and dark
    • With minimal interruptions from vibrations and loud noises

    Specialised wine storage is great for this too, but if not try and look for a quiet and cool place in your home, like under the stairs or even under your bed. 

    So if Cabernet Sauvignon can last for longer than most red wines does that mean Cabernet Sauvignon won’t go bad?

    Does Cabernet Sauvignon Go Bad?

    Just like all good things, Cabernet Sauvignon doesn't stay in optimal condition forever unfortunately and just like all red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon will go bad over time. 

    So what are the signs that a Cabernet Sauvignon has gone bad?

    How Can You Tell If Cabernet Sauvignon Has Gone Bad?

    How To Tell Cab Sauv Is Bad

    Here are some of the obvious signs that your Cabernet Sauvignon has gone bad:

    • The wine will look dull, lifeless and even brown in appearance once poured into a glass. 
    • Your Cabernet Sauvignon won’t smell good! Simply put, if it’s bad to smell it’ll probably be bad to drink, too.
    • Finally, how does the Cabernet Sauvignon taste? If it tastes very thin and very sour, with none of its trademark oomph and body, then chances are the bottle has gone bad.

    But, just like milk, could a fridge help to keep your Cabernet Sauvignon fresher for longer?

    Do You Keep Opened Cabernet Sauvignon In The Fridge?

    You can store any opened Cabernet Sauvignon in a domestic fridge, just make sure to take your bottle out so it can warm up a little before drinking as these fridges run a little too cold. 

    Preferably a wine fridge is used to store your opened cabernet which can be set at a temperature around 14 - 16°C (57°F - 61°F).

    So can unopened Cabernet Sauvignon go in the fridge as well?

    Do You Keep Unopened Cabernet Sauvignon In The Fridge?

    Wine Fridge

    If you have a wine cooler then you can keep your Cabernet Sauvignon in there and the conditions will be perfect.

    Cabernet Sauvignon should be served and stored between 14-16°C (57°F - 61°F) to replicate the conditions of a wine cave in France.

    However, try to avoid keeping Cabernet Sauvignon in a kitchen fridge for long periods of time as the conditions aren’t always the best and your corks may dry out in the process. 

    Instead, try to put your unopened Cabernet Sauvignon somewhere cool with little exposure to noise, light and vibrations. This should keep your bottles happy there for some time. 

    But does Cabernet Sauvignon have an expiration date?

    Does Cabernet Sauvignon Expire?

    Whilst Cabernet Sauvignon doesn’t have a set expiry date, unfortunately your bottles will eventually become undrinkable if you keep them for too long.

    A Cabernet Sauvignon’s lifespan will vary from bottle to bottle, so remember it’s always better to drink something a little too early than far too late...

    Summary of How Long Does Cabernet Sauvignon Last?

    Here's a summary of all you need to know about how long Cabernet Sauvignon Lasts:

    Question Answer
    Opened Cabernet Sauvignon Lasts up to 4 days
    Unopened Cabernet Sauvignon Can last up to 10 years if stored correctly
    Storing Opened Cabernet Sauvignon Use a stopper or cork, keep in a cool and dark environment
    Storing Unopened Cabernet Sauvignon Store in a cool and dark place with minimal vibrations and noise
    Signs of Bad Cabernet Sauvignon Dull or brown appearance, unpleasant smell, thin and sour taste
    Keeping Opened Cabernet Sauvignon Store in a wine cooler or a cool place, avoid keeping in a kitchen fridge for too long
    Keeping Unopened Cabernet Sauvignon Store in a cool place with minimal exposure to noise, light, and vibrations
    Cabernet Sauvignon Expiration No set expiry date, but bottles will eventually become undrinkable if kept for too long
    Keeping Opened Cabernet Sauvignon in the Fridge Can be stored in a domestic fridge, but allow it to warm up before drinking
    Keeping Unopened Cabernet Sauvignon in the Fridge Avoid long-term storage in a kitchen fridge, use a wine cooler or a cool, dark place for optimal conditions

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