How Long Does Pinot Noir Last? (Complete Guide)

    How Long Does Pinot Noir Last

    It’s easy to tell if our food has gone off, our brains are designed to spot the mould and the decay and steer us well clear.

    But what about wine?

    How long does our precious Pinot Noir last once we’ve purchased it and drunk a glass or two?

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    How Long Does Pinot Noir Last Opened?

    How Long Open Pinot Noir Lasts

    This can very much depend on the quality of the Pinot Noir in question, but as a rule Pinot Noir can be good for up to 4 days once opened

    But what about those unopened bottles of Pinot Noir you’ve been saving for a fancy occasion?

    How long is unopened Pinot Noir good for?

    How Long Does Pinot Noir Last Unopened?

    Unopened Pinot Noir Life Span

    Just like a lot of unopened red wines, depending on the storage, unopened good quality Pinot Noir can last for 5+ years in cellar conditions

    Pinot Noir wines are deliciously smooth and rich beverages and a part of this is down to the structure the tannins give the wine.

    But tannins don’t just contribute to flavour, they also help the wine to maintain its body and acidity over long periods of time.

    So what’s the best way to store Pinot Noir to ensure those tannins aren’t doing all that hard work for nothing?

    How To Store Opened Pinot Noir (3 Tips)

    Storing Opened Wine Tips

    Time for a small biology lesson.

    Once your Pinot Noir has been opened, oxygen is going to interact with the wine and diminish its aromas and tasting notes. 

    • In order to slow this oxidative process down, it’s smart to put a stopper or cork in the wine bottle.
    • Try to also keep the wine in a cool and dark environment.
    • A specialised wine fridge will be great here, but don’t worry if you don’t have one, a cupboard or garage works wonders, too.

    But what about unopened bottles of Pinot Noir?

    How To Store Unopened Pinot Noir

    Red wines are quite introverted and they like lots of peace and quiet. 

    Pinot Noir is no exception so try and store any unopened bottles you have somewhere cool and dark, with minimal interruptions from vibrations and loud noises. 

    So if you store your Pinot Noir really well does that mean Pinot Noir won’t go bad?

    Does Pinot Noir Go Bad?

    Just like all red wines, Port included, Pinot Noir will go bad over time, so it’s best not to leave it for too long. 

    So what are the signs that a Pinot Noir has gone bad?

    How Can You Tell If Pinot Noir Has Gone Bad?

    Smell, Taste, Appearance

    Here are some of the obvious signs that your Pinot Noir has gone bad:

    • What colour is Pinot Noir - Is it bright, light and ruby red or has it gone a little brown and hazy in appearance? If the Pinot Noir is not pin-bright and garnet to match then chances are it’s begun to deteriorate
    • Take a sniff of your Pinot Noir - If you can’t smell the usual cherry and violet Pinot Noir aromas and things smell a bit off then there’s a chance your bottle has gone bad. 
    • Finally, what does Pinot Noir taste like - If it tastes a little like vinegar - very thin and very sour - then it's time to say au revoir.

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    But could a fridge help to keep your Pinot Noir fresher for longer? 

    Do You Keep Opened Pinot Noir In The Fridge?

    Wine Fridge

    A lot of red wines will actually benefit from being slightly chilled, and Pinot Noir is no exception.

    • Specialised wine coolers are fantastic for storing your unopened Pinot Noir in and will ensure consistent, perfectly chilled temperatures for your wine. 
    • Domestic kitchen fridges run a little too cold for red wine, so if this is your only fridge, remember to take your Pinot Noir out so it can warm up a little before drinking. 

    If Pinot Noir can be chilled when opened, does that mean unopened Pinot Noir can go in the fridge as well?

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    Do You Keep Unopened Pinot Noir In The Fridge?

    If you have a wine cooler than of course you can keep your Pinot Noir in there.

    However, try to avoid keeping unopened Pinot Noir in domestic fridges for long periods of time as the conditions aren’t always the best and your corks may dry out in the process. 

    Try to put your unopened Pinot Noir somewhere cool with little exposure to light and your bottles should be happy there for years to come. 

    But does Pinot Noir have a set expiration date?

    Does Pinot Noir Expire?

    Whilst Pinot Noir doesn’t have a set expiry date - these things vary from bottle to bottle - it will eventually become undrinkable over time.

    So don’t leave it too late, have a look for any forgotten Pinot Noir bottles you may have and make a note to drink them sooner rather than later.

    Summary of How Long Does Pinot Noir Last

    Here's a summary of all you need to know about how long Pinot Noir Lasts:

    Topic Information
    Opened Pinot Noir Lasts up to 4 days after opening
    Unopened Pinot Noir Can last 5+ years in cellar conditions
    Storing Opened Pinot Noir
    • Use a stopper or cork
    • Keep in a cool, dark place
    • Avoid exposure to light and vibrations
    Storing Unopened Pinot Noir Store in a cool, dark place with minimal vibrations and noise
    Pinot Noir Going Bad Over time, Pinot Noir will go bad and become undrinkable
    Signs of Bad Pinot Noir
    • Change in appearance (brown and hazy)
    • Off-smelling aromas
    • Vinegar-like taste
    Keeping Opened Pinot Noir
    • Slight chilling is beneficial, but domestic fridges may be too cold
    Keeping Unopened Pinot Noir Avoid prolonged storage in domestic fridges, opt for cool, dark conditions
    Pinot Noir Expiration No set expiry date, but it will eventually become undrinkable


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