How Long Does Chardonnay Last? (Must Read Tips)

    How Long Does Chardonnay Last

    A lot of white wines are designed to be drunk quite fresh, but there's something different about the powerful Chardonnay grape, isn’t there?

    So how long can Chardonnay last for once opened, and is Chardonnay capable of going bad in the same way as other white wines?

    Let’s start with opened Chardonnay first. 

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    How Long Does Chardonnay Last?

    Generally, an unopened bottle of Chardonnay can be stored for 4 to 5 years. While an opened bottle of Chardonnay lasts 3-4 days. The shelf life of Chardonnay varies depending on its style and whether the bottle is opened or unopened. 

    How Long Does Chardonnay Last Opened?

    Chardonnay Wine Varieties

    Chardonnay comes in lots of shapes and sizes so this really depends on the style of wine. 

    Just like Champagne, try and drink sparkling Chardonnay on the day of opening, although it can last for a couple of days as long as it is sealed tightly and refrigerated well. 

    Still Chardonnay, on the other hand, doesn’t have any fizz to lose so can last for a bit longer, although try and drink within 3-4 days if you want the wine at its best. 

    But what about unopened bottles?

    How Long Does Chardonnay Last Unopened?

    Unopened Chardonnay Life Span

    Chardonnay is a grape loved all over the globe and most Chardonnays are best consumed within about 4-5 years of purchasing.

    However, when grown in Burgundy, as well as California, Chardonnay is capable of making some really exceptional wines with fantastic ageing abilities.

    These wines should be able to keep for about a decade, but always check with your wine retailer for the specific of individual bottles, here. 

    So how can you store your Chardonnay wine to keep it fresher for longer?

    How To Store Opened Chardonnay

    Just like all white wines, we can recommend storing your opened Chardonnay in the fridge with a stopper. 

    Doing so will help to keep the oxygen at bay for as long as possible, preserving the freshness and flavour of the wine in the process.

    So should unopened Chardonnay be stored in the same way?

    How To Store Unopened Chardonnay

    Storing Chardonnay Long Term

    What is the best way to store unopened wine?

    You can get a good 5+ years out of your unopened Chardonnay if you store it in the right conditions.

    The key to storing unopened bottles is to keep them as undisturbed as possible.

    This means no exposure to light, cool and consistent temperatures and away from loud noises or vibrations. This will keep your wine happy for longer periods of time. 

    So if you keep your Chardonnay in pristine condition, does that mean it won’t go bad?

    Does Chardonnay Go Bad?

    Just like sparkling wine, Chardonnay is also capable of going bad, which is why it’s so important to store it well.

    Here at Expert Wine Storage we sell everything you need to make sure you’re storing your wine in the best conditions possible.

    So if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    So how can you tell if your Chardonnay has gone bad?

    How Can You Tell If Chardonnay Has Gone Bad?

    How to Test If Chardonnay Is Bad

    If you have a sparkling Chardonnay on your hands then a sure sign it has gone bad is if the carbonation is no longer there. 

    When it comes to still Chardonnays, look out for:

    • weird smells or unpleasant flavours
    • if it starts to resemble a white wine vinegar as opposed to a delicious white wine then it may be time to dispose of the bottle 

    Can a fridge help to keep your Chardonnay fresher for longer?

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    Do You Keep Opened Chardonnay In The Fridge?

    Absolutely. You can put any opened Chardonnay in the fridge.

    When you've opened your Chardonnay simply put a stopper in the bottle to reduce the oxygen impact, place it back in the fridge and your wine should be drinkable for up to 4 days. It’s that simple. 

    So does that mean unopened Chardonnay should go in the fridge, too?

    Do You Keep Unopened Chardonnay In The Fridge?

    Chardonnay in a Wine Fridge

    Look, you’re an adult and you can do whatever you want but your unopened bottles of wine, whether its Chardonnay or Port, don’t always have to go in the fridge.

    Save the space for important things like cheese. 

    Keep your unopened Chardonnay somewhere cool and dark and it’ll be more than fine to stay there for months, if not years.

    If your Chardonnay has a cork try to store it on its side to stop the cork from drying out. 

    The ideal location to store unopened Chardonnay for ageing purposes is in a wine fridge.

    So does that mean that Chardonnay might have an expiration date?

    Does Chardonnay Expire?

    Chardonnay may be the best of the best, but like all wines its sought after and complex tasting notes will diminish over time.

    Remember it’s always better to drink your wine a little too early than far too late, so why not gather some friends and crack open that bottle this weekend. 

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