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    How To Save Champagne?

    How To Save Champagne

    Opening a bottle of Champagne always feels like a race against time to drink the wine before it inevitably falls flat.

    But what if we told you there are ways to make your Champagne sparkle for longer?

    Here's how you can save your Champagne from going flat for as long as possible:

    How To Save Champagne

    The key here is to slow down the loss of trapped carbon dioxide that will happen in a Champagne over time.

    The longer it takes to lose the bubbles the longer you have to enjoy your Champagne, its that easy!

    A big part of Champagne's charm is its effervescent and the way it sparkles and bubbles.

    If a Champagne doesn't have it's fizz then it loses a huge part of its flavour profile and chances are it'll start to taste quite sad and lifeless.

    And we don't want that.

    So here are 6 tips and tricks for saving your Champagne from the perils of going flat:

    6 Tips To Save Leftover Champagne

    1. Invest in a Champagne Stopper

    Resealing your Champagne is vital to preserving its fizz, but it is almost impossible to place the original cork in the bottle once it has been popped.

    A specially designed Champagne stopper will help to preserve the sparkle for as long as possible.

    2. Chill Your Champagne

    The colder the Champagne the slower the release of the bubbles inside. This is why you have to really chill your Champagne before opening the bottle.

    So keep your opened bottle well sealed and in the fridge, the cold temperatures will help to keep your Champagne sparkling for longer periods of time.

    3. The Spoon Hack

    This trick may seem simple and scientifically impossible, but Champagne lovers everywhere swear by it.

    Just stick a spoon in the open neck of the bottle and let the spoon do the rest! The spoon will become cold which in turn will work to reduce the amount of bubbles released out of the bottle.

    4. Use Foil or Cling Film

    Don't have a Champagne stopper or a teaspoon to hand?

    Don't panic!

    Simply cover the bottle with a foil or plastic film to help insulate the wine's temperature inside and keep the temperature consistent.

    This will help to keep the sparkling wine calm and consistent, too.

    5. Try Out A New Recipe

    Lots of delicious recipes and cocktails call for Champagne in the ingredients list and this can be an ingenious way of giving your leftover Champagne another life, and you get to try a tasty new dish out of it, too. 

    6. Quality over Quantity

    Not only will good quality Champagne taste much better, but chances are they'll keep their fizz for longer as well. It's a win win situation!

    So how should you store any Champagne you've not gotten round to opening yet?

    How To Store Unopened Champagne

    It's important to store any unopened bottles of Champagne you have with care and consideration. Try and take the following into account if you can:

    • Store your bottles on their side in a wine rack if you can, this will help to keep the cork at its best and your wine with it.
    • Aim for a cellar temperature of 11°C and 15℃ (51–59°F) when storing your Champagne. Use a wine cooler to help you reach this temperature if you have one.
    • Store your bottles somewhere cool and calm with no light disturbances and away from any devices that omit a lot of vibrations such as washing machines. 

    And there you have it! Everything you need to keep your Champagne as fresh and as fizzy for as long as possible. 

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