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    How Many Calories Are In Moscato (In a Glass & Bottle Plus Nutrition)

    Calories In Moscato

    Moscato is a soft and sweet grape with heaps of character and versatility to match.

    So let's take a little look at the amount of calories you can expect to find in a Moscato and how the calories in Moscato compare to other drinks.

    How Many Calories Are In Moscato?

    Calories In Moscato

    Expect a glass of Moscato to have anything from 100 to 140 calories when served in a 150ml glass. 

    It can be important to know how many calories you’re consuming throughout the day, especially when it's in the glass of wine that goes alongside your meal.

    Moscato Style Calories per Serving (150ml)
    Still Moscato 123
    Sparkling Moscato 121
    Pink Moscato 137
    Red Moscato 138
    Dessert Moscato 107
    Average Glass of Moscato (any style) 123
    750ml Bottle of Moscato (any style) 635

    Calories in Moscato Wine Styles

    Moscato VarietiesThere are lots of different types of Moscato wine and their calorific content will vary from style to style.

    Here are some styles of Moscato wine you may come across and the average calorie content of each style:

    • Still Moscato - With an ABV of 6-8%, expect about 123 calories per serving with this style of Moscato.
    • Sparkling Moscato - This style has a slightly lower calorie level, with around 121 calories per serving.
    • Pink Moscato - Pink Moscato tends to have a higher calorie content. A Pink Barefoot Moscato wine, for example, will have about 137 calories per serving. 
    • Red Moscato - Yes, Moscato can come in red, too! Red wines contain significantly more calories than white wine, and this style will have about 138 calories per serving. 
    • Dessert Moscato - Expect about 107 calories per glass here, as this is a sweet moscato style of wine with a low alcohol content. 

    So how can you be sure exactly how many calories are in your glass of Moscato?

    How Many Calories in a Glass of Moscato

    Moscato Calories in a glass and bottle

    There are approximately 123 calories in the average glass 150ml of Moscato wine.

    These figures can vary depending on the exact make of wine, so always check in with the producer for the specific nutritional information of each wine.

    But what about bottles? How many calories are in a bottle of Moscato?

    How Many Calories in a Bottle of Moscato

    Time for some maths.

    If there are 123 calories in a 150ml glass of Moscato wine then that means there will be about 635 calories in a 750ml bottle of Moscato wine.

    If only all sums looked this appetising!

    So what about other nutrients in Moscato?

    What else can you expect to find in a glass of Moscato wine?

    Nutrition Facts of Moscato

    Let's take a look at the nutritional value of a glass of Moscato:

    • Calories 123
    • Total Fat 0g
    • Total Carbohydrates 7.8g 
    • Protein 0.1g

    So how does Moscato nutritionally compare to our other favourite wines?

    Calorie Count: Moscato vs. Other Alcoholic Drinks

    Now a 150ml glass of Moscato may have between 100 to 140 calories depending on the style, but how does this compare to other glasses of wine?

    Here are some of the other styles of wine you might be drinking regularly and the amount of calories that, on average, will be in each 150ml serving:

    White Wine Styles

    • Sauvignon Blanc: 122
    • Riesling: 120
    • Semillon: 122
    • Pinot Gris: 123
    • Gewurztraminer: 118
    • Moscato: 127

    Red Wine Styles

    • Merlot: 125
    • Cabernet Sauvignon: 123
    • Pinot Noir: 123
    • Port: 250

    Other Wine Styles:

    • Sparkling Wines: 100
    • Rose Wine: 125
    • Dessert Wine: 227

    So does the slightly higher calorie count of a Moscato mean that Moscato is bad for you?

    Are there any health benefits to having a glass of Moscato?

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Moscato?

    Moscato is more than its sweet nature.

    • Antioxidants - Just like all wines, such as Chardonnay, Moscato is made from grapes which have a lot of antioxidants.
    • Blood pressure - These antioxidants may help to lower blood pressure and increase circulation when consumed as part of a balanced diet.
    • Sugar levels - However, Moscato has high levels of sugar and calories in comparison to other wines, so consume your Moscato responsibly and try to take a day or two off between drinking sessions so as not to overwhelm your body with the harmful side of alcohol.

    Why not try and switch up what wines you drink throughout the week for a bit of variety and balance?

    Before You Go...

    Moscato Wine Barrels

    We hope that answered all of your questions on how many calories are in a Moscato wine.

    It's empowering to drink a wine knowing exactly what your glass contains, here's to more transparency within our favourite drinks. 

    We hope this article answers all your questions on how many calories are in Moscato.

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