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    Should Chardonnay Be Chilled? (Serving & Refrigeration Temperature)

    Do You Chill Chardonnay

    Perhaps the most noble of all of the white grapes, Chardonnay has a world class reputation with a style to suit every palate.

    Let’s take a look at the best temperatures to serve and store Chardonnay, to help you achieve the perfect drinking experience.

    In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about ‘should Chardonnay be chilled’. We’ll also cover Chardonnay best serving temperaturestorage temperature and how long you should store Chardonnay.

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    Do You Chill Chardonnay?

    Chardonnay Wine

    Yes, you should chill Chardonnay. The best temperature to serve Chardonnay is between 45–55°F or 7-13°C. While the ideal temperature to store Chardonnay is between 11°C and 15℃ (51–59°F).

    Chardonnay Wine Temperature Range
    Serving Temperature 45°F to 55°F
    7°C to 13°C
    Storage Temperature 51°F to 59°F

    Chardonnay is a fantastic grape and in order to get the most out of your wine it's important to make sure you’re not serving it too cold or too warm.

    The Best Temperature to Serve Chardonnay

    The best temperature to serve Chardonnay is between 45–55°F or 7-13°C.

    Chardonnay is a fantastic grape and in order to get the most out of your wine it's important to make sure you’re not serving it too cold or too warm.

    You can put Chardonnay in the refrigerator to achieve the best serving temperature and to do this you can use either a domestic household fridge or a specialised wine fridge.

    If your Chardonnay is too cold you may not be able to taste it properly as the flavours will become masked by the cool temperature. However if your Chardonnay is too warm the alcohol level in the wine may become overpowering, tasting unpleasant.

    To help maintain the serving temperature for your Chardonnay you can use a wine cooler. More information on wine coolers can be found here.

    Chardonnay comes in varying styles and the best serving temperature for Chardonnay will vary as a result.

    3 Popular Styles of Chardonnay and Their Ideal Serving Temperature

    Chardonnay Grapes In A Vinyard

    Here are three Chardonnay varieties we recommend:

    • Sparkling Chardonnay: Sparkling Chardonnay is perhaps sparkling wine at its very best. Found in most fine tasting Champagne inspired blends Sparkling Chardonnay is ideally served very cold. (43–47°F or 6-8°C)
    • Oaked Chardonnay: Full bodied, rich Chardonnay wines with lots of ageing potentials. These styles are best served slightly warmer. (50–55°F or 10-13°C)
    • Unoaked Chardonnay: Fresh white wines with beautiful floral notes and mouth watering acidity, unoaked Chardonnays are best served fridge cold. (47–49°F or 7-9°C)

    What is the best Storage Temperature for Chardonnay?

    Chardonnay In A Wine Cooler

    Chardonnay is a noble grape with lots of ageing potential, especially if it has been oaked during the winemaking process.

    Therefore, Chardonnay is best stored within a wine cellar, wine rack or in a wine refrigerator.

    In order to keep your Chardonnay at its best, store it on its side so that the wine maintains contact with the cork, keeping it hydrated. Keep your Chardonnay bottles away from direct sunlight

    The ideal temperature to store Chardonnay is between 11°C and 15℃ (51–59°F).

    It is best to avoid extremes or sudden changes of temperature when it comes to storing Chardonnay.

    Consistency in temperature is key.

    Should You Put Chardonnay In The Fridge?

    Can you put Chardonnay wine in the refrigerator?

    As with other white wines, such as Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay should be placed in a refrigerator to reach its ideal serving temperature.

    Ideally, your Chardonnay should be in the fridge and chilled down to 7-13°C (45–55°F) before serving, depending on whether it is sparkling, oaked or unoaked.

    If you are using a domestic fridge and your Chardonnay becomes too cold, fear not. You can simply remove it from the fridge 5 minutes before serving so it can warm up a little.

    If you want to make sure that you are consistently serving your Chardonnay at the best temperature a specialised wine refrigerator is a good investment.

    Specialised wine refrigerators are fantastic ways to keep your wine stored in consistent conditions, as well as keeping your bottles chilled at their perfect temperatures.

    More information on how Expert WIne Storage can provide you with a wine refrigerator is available on our store.

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    How Long Should You Chill Chardonnay?

    Chardonnay Bottles

    You shouldn’t have to chill your Chardonnay for too long before serving, but the answer really depends on the style of Chardonnay and the type of fridge you have.

    If you have a domestic refrigerator the drier conditions may damage the corks over time, so your Chardonnay is best placed in these fridges for just a couple of hours before serving.

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    Because they have been designed to specifically house wine in consistent conditions, you can store your Chardonnay specialised wine refrigerators for longer periods of time, with no need to worry about damage occurring.

    5 Best Tips on Serving Chardonnay

    Wine Storage Room

    1. Serving Temperature

    The ideal serving temperature for Chardonnay is between 45–55°F or 7-13°C.

    2. Oaked Vs Unoaked

    Oaked Chardonnays can be served at a slightly warmer temperature than unoaked Chardonnays.

    3. Tip For Storing

      Wine coolers are brilliant when it comes to maintaining serving temperatures once your Chardonnay has been opened.

      4. Storage Temperature

        Store your Chardonnay between 11°C and 15℃ (51–59°F) in conditions with good levels of humidity.

        5. Don't Use a Freezer

          Use a refrigerator to get your Chardonnay to your preferred serving temperature, avoid using a freezer if you can.

            Summary of Chilling Chardonnay From Expert Wine Storage 

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