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    CASO wine coolers are designed and manufactured in Germany, every CASO product comes with quality built-in, all at a great price. Each Caso wine fridge is equipped with a great range of functions and some products even feature temperature control via an app, so you monitor the temperature of your wines whether you're at home or away. 

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    CASO Wine Fridges & Coolers

    Who are CASO? 

    Caso Design is one of the most innovative and exciting brands in the technology industry today. Renowned for being one of the first brands to address the fusion of kitchen and living spaces through mobile appliances, they are a company that sells everything from vacuum systems to music streaming wine coolers.

    With their use of contemporary technologies and consistent design strategies, Caso Design is constantly coming up with new ways to cater to the demands of the ever-shifting modern world.

    Amongst the brand’s extensive range of products are their wine coolers. These coolers are available in a variety of styles and are each designed to provide the ideal conditions for the storage of wine.

    Not only are these units extremely functional and equipped with various unique features, but they are also incredibly modern and timeless in their design. Whether you have a collection of 6 bottles or 190 bottles, Caso Design will be able to provide a suitable wine cooler for you.

    What technology do CASO Design wine coolers use?

    You will notice that Caso Design wine coolers are powered by either compressor technology or thermoelectric technology. Before buying a wine cooler, you will need to decide which cooling technology will work best for you.

    Let’s take a look at the differences between the two technologies and a few of the corresponding wine coolers that Caso Design offer.


    Compressor wine coolers use very similar cooling equipment to regular refrigerators, including a compressor, refrigerant, an evaporator and condenser coils. These type of wine coolers are not only extremely powerful but are known for their larger capacities and their ability to resist temperature fluctuations.

    Caso Design offers a wide variety of compressor technology wine coolers, including the WineChef Pro 126, the WineComfort 1800 Smart and the WineSafe 18 EB.


    Thermoelectric wine coolers are renowned for being incredibly quiet and efficient due to their lack of moving parts. Thermoelectric wine coolers function via a process called the ‘Peltier Effect’ which refers to the electrical transfer of heat from one side of a device to another.

    Thermoelectric units are typically a lot shallower and shorter than compressor powered units so are ideal for those with smaller wine collections. Caso Design offers several thermoelectric technology wine coolers, including the WineCase 8, the WineDuett 210 and the WineDuett Touch 12.  

    What features do CASO wine coolers include?

    Caso Design offers a huge variety of high quality, energy-efficient wine coolers that are designed to have a positive effect on your everyday life.

    Whilst the purpose of these units is to ensure that your wine collection is stored in the best way possible, you will also find that many are equipped with some incredibly innovative and useful features.

    The company offer a series called the ‘WineMaster’ models, which refers to the wine coolers that have two temperature zones. These coolers are particularly useful for those who collect several types of wines such as red and white or sparkling and dessert wine.

    The brand also offers a series of sensor-touch models that can be controlled with the light tap of a finger. Many of the Caso Design coolers are also equipped with 2-layer, UV resistant glass and switchable interior lighting.

    What kind of wine coolers does CASO offer? 

    When looking for a Caso Design wine fridge, you will see that their units are available in a range of lengths, widths and capacities. Caso offer built in, integrated as well as freestanding wine coolers as part of their range.

    This variety ensures that there will be a wine cooler to suit every single customer, no matter what their home is like or how much disposable space they have.

    You will also notice that every model name is followed by a number, and this number indicates the maximum bottle capacity of that unit. For example, the WineComfort 180 can hold 180 bottles whilst the WineDuett 12 can hold 12 bottles.

    The cooler capacity you choose should depend entirely on the amount of wine you currently have in your collection and whether or not you are planning on building that collection any time soon.

    Caso Design’s wine coolers are also categorized as either freestanding or built-in. This refers to how the coolers can be installed and the type you choose should depend entirely on the available space in your home.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the different wine coolers that Caso Design offer: 

    CASO WineSafe 18 EB Integrated

    The WineSafe 18 Integrated is a high-quality wine control device that is designed to be completely integrated within the kitchen. This means that this model is best suited to those who are in the process of or are planning to build a new kitchen.

    This single-temperature zone model is 560mm wide and offers a capacity of 18 wine bottles- making it a wonderful choice for anyone with a small-medium size collection of red or white wine.

    It offers excellent thermal insulation and is extremely economical in terms of energy consumption. The temperature can also be electronically adjusted with the unit’s sensor touch controls from anywhere between 5-20 degrees Celsius.

    The temperature is then displayed by a white LED light on the front of the unit and the and the inside of the cooler features switchable interior lighting. This particular model uses compressor technology and runs incredibly smoothly and quietly at only 39dB thanks to its vibration-reduced feet.

    The model also boasts a beautiful and timeless design with its ergonomic handle and elegant stainless-steel front. It also features 3-layer insulating glass with UV filters for optimum protection against external fluctuating conditions.

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    CASO Sound and Cool

    Now, the Sound and Cool model from Caso Design is one of the most unique and innovative wine coolers you will see on the market today.

    The all-in-one lounge table, cooler and soundbar are equipped with everything you need to entertain and impress. One side of the model features two pull-out chiller drawers to store your drunks, whilst the other side features a sonorous soundbar with 2.0 stereo loudspeakers.

    It also features an LED touch display tabletop which allows you to both control the temperature of the cooler and the volume of the music. The device is also equipped with 2 x USB charging ports which can be incredibly useful when hosting friends and family. 

    The cooler section of the lounge table features two temperature zones that are individually adjustable from 1- 12 degrees Celsius, making this device perfect for anyone looking to store soft drinks, beers or ciders.

    It also features incredible thermal insulation and functions very quietly at just 36dB. If the drawers are left open for too long, the device will emit a sound warning signal which works to conserve extra energy. The cooling draws are also equipped with removable containers for ultimate versatility and adaptability. 

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