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    Compressor wine coolers and thermoelectric wine refrigerators operate differently. On the surface, there appears to be little difference between the two, yet their operations are actually rather distinct. Here at Expert Wine Storage we offer a wide selection of compressor wine fridges for you to choose from whether thats a built in, integrated or freestanding wine cooler.

    A compressor wine cooler is comparable to a standard refrigerator in size. Utilizing the vapour compression cycle, it removes heat from the cabinet. The refrigeration system based on vapour compression employs the same technology as air conditioners.

    Compressor Wine Coolers & Fridges 

    How Does a Compressor Wine Fridge Work?

    Coolant gases transport heat from the inside to the exterior of the system, where it is subsequently released. The four main components of the system are the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator.

    In the vast majority of wine coolers, the cold air from the evaporator is routed via an aluminium panel. This panel radiates cold air into the interior of the cabinet to cool it. There are models that use fans to circulate air and produce a more consistent temperature.

    Benefits of a Compressor Wine Cooler

    One of the benefits of compressor coolers is that they can achieve substantially lower temperatures than thermoelectric coolers. Due to the inability of most thermoelectric coolers to drop below around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be unable to attain the temperatures advised by experts for beverages such as white wine.

    Another benefit of compressors is that they will cost you less to operate. While thermoelectric coolers operate continuously, compressors switch on and off as needed to maintain the desired temperature.

    Continuous power can result in a large fuel bill rise and makes it more likely that parts will break down owing to the ongoing demands placed on them.

    Who Should Buy a Compressor Wine Fridge?

    Compressor wine coolers are well suited for habitual wine drinkers as well as those who have recently begun accumulating wine. There is a large variety of sizes available for compressor wine coolers.

    Smaller compressor wine coolers are available for customers who simply need to keep a few bottles, but big compressor wine coolers allow hospitality facilities such as pubs, clubs, hotels, and restaurants to cool wine swiftly and decrease their fuel expenditures.

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