Pevino wine fridges are a luxury designer and manufacturer of wine coolers and wine cabinets from Denmark, every product they make comes with years of experience built in. Each Pevino wine cooler is made to reach the highest levels of functionality, quality and appearance.

    Luxury brands we stock which are similar to the Pevino brand are Swisscave and Dunavox - these brands both come with 2 person UK delivery as standard unlike the Pevino which we're only able to offer with kerbside delivery unfortunately. 

    There are no compromises made with the Pevino brand, with their freestanding wine coolers and built in wine fridges through to their integrated wine fridges, choose the right type of wine cooler for your requirements and the minimalist Scandinavian design will add to any space.

    This ultimate focus on high-end quality and luxury has seen customers all over the UK and Europe choosing to preserve their wines to the very highest levels with Pevino wine coolers.

    Pevino Wine Fridges & Coolers 

    Who are Pevino?

    Pevino is a brand that was founded by Danish entrepreneur and winegrower, Jakob Dau. After years of experience in the commerce of wine storage solutions and electrical labour, Dau designed and developed a range of cooling cabinets that were presented as the ‘Pevino Collection’ in 2016. Since, the brand has become one of the leading manufacturers of wine coolers and are renowned worldwide for their elegant designs, functionality and long-lasting construction.

    Today, all of Pevino’s wine coolers are made in the town of Hillerød just north of Copenhagen and are characterized by their Scandinavian, minimalist aesthetic. Elements of the brand’s Danish roots can be identified within both the style and features of their units, such as in their push-open doors and solid oak shelves.

    The brand offers a fantastic range of products that are designed to suit a variety of spaces, whether that’s your home, restaurant, bar or shop. They offer cabinets that can hold between 22 and 320 bottles, so no matter how small or large your wine collection is, Pevino will able to provide you with a beautiful and functional storage solution.

    Pevino Wine Cooler Collection

    Pevino offers several different wine coolers that are each categorized into four different collections. These are referred to as the MS series, the NG series, the integrated series and the giant series. Let’s take a closer look at what each collection can offer:

    Pevino MS Range Wine Coolers

    The Pevino MS series consists of two large, single-zone wine coolers that are designed to be installed as freestanding units. Both of the wine coolers offer an energy class rating of A, a noise output of 47db and are powered by a mechanical compressor. They are both equipped with adjustable feet, offer a temperature range of 5-20 degrees Celsius and have a maximum capacity of 161 bottles. The difference between the two units is that whilst they both have black exteriors, one features black metal retractable shelves and the other features oak wood retractable shelves.

    Pevino NG Wine Coolers

    The Pevino NG series currently consists of several wine coolers that are designed to be installed as either built-in or freestanding units. These units are filled to the brim with the latest features and technology and are available in either black aluminium, beechwood or stainless steel. The NG collection offers single, dual and triple-zone coolers that can hold between 20 and 200 wine bottles. The units are known for their sleek, aesthetically pleasing designs, market-leading energy efficiency and minimal noise output.

    Pevino Integrated Wine Coolers

    The Pevino Integrated series of four wine coolers that are designed to be completely integrated into your kitchen or living space. The front of these coolers is slightly wider than the rest of the unit to ensure they can perfectly fit into a standard-sized kitchen cabinet. They come as either a single zone wine cooling unit that holds up to 24 bottles or a dual-zone cooling unit that holds up to 42 bottles. They are also available with a push-open function for a super discreet, seamless solution for the modern kitchen.

    Pevino Giant Wine Coolers

    The Pevino Giant series features two large coolers that are designed to be installed as freestanding units. These models each hold a whopping 300 bottles so are perfect for anyone with an exceptionally big wine collection. Both of these units are powered by mechanical compressors, offer a temperature range of 5-20 degrees Celsius and boast an incredibly low noise output of just 42 dB. You can choose between a single zone and dual-zone cooling unit depending on the type of wine you are going to be storing.

    Features of Pevino Wine Fridges

    Pevino offers a wide variety of elegant, high-functioning wine coolers that are designed to cater to a range of wine collectors. In order to ensure that the wine is stored in the best way possible, the coolers are equipped with various useful and innovative features. One of the features that Pevino offer is the ‘push-open’ function that eliminates the need for traditional handles. With just two light touches, the cooler door will open- accessing your wine collection has never been easier.

    All of the Pevino wine coolers are also fitted with interior LED lighting that works to illuminate your wine bottles in either white, blue or orange tones. You can even adjust the lighting to suit the mood of the room. Another feature of the coolers is their double or triple insulated glass doors which work to maintain the temperature of the unit whilst protecting the wine against harmful UV rays.

    Which Pevino wine cooler is right for me?

    When looking for a Pevino wine cooler, you will see that their units are available in a wide range of lengths, widths, colours and capacities. This variety ensures that no matter how big your wine collection is or how much space you have within your home, there will be a suitable storage solution for you.

    You will need to consider whether you want a freestanding, built-in or integrated unit, how many cooling zones you are going to require and what specific features you would like the cooler to have. Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic options that Pevino have to offer to give you an idea of what to expect:

    Pevino PI48D-B Integrated

    The Pevino PI48D-B is a wonderful dual zone wine cooler that is designed to be completely integrated into your kitchen. This model is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for a discreet solution to storing their wine, without heavily disrupting the rest of the kitchen. This specific black wine cooler features several solid oak shelves.

    The interior of the unit features orange lighting which is designed to enhance the appearance of your wine collection whilst the door of the unit features a discreet and easy-to-use LED control system.

    Traditionally, dual-zone wine coolers have one zone for white and sparkling wines and another for red wines. However, this model in particular actually has two entirely different cooling zones that’s temperatures can be set and adjusted to however you prefer. If you would prefer for both zones to store white wine, or both to store red, it is possible either way.

    The unit also features UV resistant glass which ensures that your wine is constantly protected from fluctuating temperatures, even when exposed to direct sunlight. It also boasts an energy class rating of A and emits just 40 dB of noise when operating.

    Pevino PNG120D

    The Pevino PNG120D is another incredible wine cooler that is designed to be installed as a built-in unit. Whether you’re looking to install this cooler within a pre-existing kitchen cabinet or your living room cupboard, this unit will be a beautiful and incredibly functional addition to your home.

    This unit stores up to 120 Bordeaux type bottles and comes with two individual cooling zones. These zones both offer a temperature range of between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius meaning the unit is suitable for storing almost every single type of wine.

    The unit features a top-performing Embraco Inverter compressor which is renowned for being incredibly powerful and virtually silent when operating. The unit is also equipped with 8 fully retractable shelves that are available in either wooden, stainless steel or black aluminium finish.

    Pevino PG300D-B 

    The Pevino PG300D-B is a cooling unit from Pevino’s ‘GIANT’ range that is designed for those with, particularly extensive wine collections. With a storage capacity of 300 bottles, this cooler ensures that you will be able to carry on collecting without having to worry about not having space.

    The unit has a sleek, black exterior and features several retractable shelves to store the bottles. These shelves are made of oak wood with a black metal front and run smoothly on telescopic rails.

    The unit features an LED display that is placed on the handle of the unit which gives you full control over the cabinet’s temperature. Inside, the bottles are illuminated with orange lighting which ensures the best possible presentation of your collection. Despite its giant size, this cooler has a very respectable energy rating of B and emits just 42 dB of noise when operating.

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