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    Port wine fridges are ideal for storing and serving your favourite bottles of port for the short and long term. Unopened Port should ideally be stored in a cold, dark location. Common wisdom suggests that red wines should be kept at room temperature, but this is not ideal. In the 1800s, "room temperature" was considerably lower than it is today, and a heated home may be too warm for your Port.

    For best age and preservation, instead store your bottles of port at 15-16 degrees Celsius. This is warmer than the common suggestion of around 12-13 degrees Celsius. Unopened Port should be stored in a wine fridge that can be adjusted and set to the appropriate, precise, temperature. We suggest our single temperature zone wine fridges (to keep your port perfectly stored).

    Our port wine fridges are made by some of Europe's largest and best wine cooler manufacturers, and the majority of them can be used as built-in or freestanding wine coolers.

    These port fridges are available in a variety of styles, with some designed to be built into cabinetry (ideal for installing under counter into kitchen cabinetry) and others suitable for freestanding use (perfect for a utility room or garage).

    Port fridges are popular because they allow you to precisely set your appliance temperature for serving your port at the perfect temperature to enjoy your collection to its fullest in the near and long term.

    Port Wine Fridges, Chillers & Refrigerators

    Storing Your Port Correctly In a Wine Fridge

    Position your port bottles in a dedicated fridge is also important. Ports that are aged or crusty should be kept on their sides. This ensures that the cork is kept wet and plump during the ageing and storing process over the long term.

    Typically, aged Port wines are marked with paint on one side of the bottle to indicate which side should be facing up when the bottle is stored on a wooden rack.

    This guarantees that sediment gathers on the same side of the bottle and does not become disturbed, which could lead to a diminished flavour.

    Port is the only wine that should be served at room temperature between 19 and 20 degrees Celsius. We recommend removing your port from the port wine refrigerator 30 to 60 minutes before serving to allow it to warm up after being stored at the lower temperature of 15-16 degrees Celsius.

    White Port, like many white wines, can be served slightly chilled; pouring it immediately from the wine fridge is absolutely fine to do.

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