Wine Documentaries Netflix (9 Top Picks)

    Wine Documentaries On Netflix

    Fancy a wine fuelled evening but trying to stay away from the alcohol for a little bit?

    Fear not, we’ve got a list of Netflix’s best wine documentaries to keep you company when, for whatever reason, you fancy a sober night in but still want to get your wine fix.

    9 Best Wine Documentaries on Netflix

    Here’s our pick of the best wine documentaries available on Netflix right now.

    You’ll be speaking like a sommelier in no time after watching all of these:

    1. Somm

    Follow four sommeliers as they attempt to pass the infamously difficult Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world.

    Always thought you could make it as a sommelier?

    This show might make you think again!

    2. Somm Into The Bottle

    The history and legacy of wine is told in this beautifully made film.

    Watch as many notable people from throughout the wine world talk you through ten different wines that help to tell the story of this magical drink.

    3. Somm 3

    Centred around two tastings that focus on the infamous wine battles between France and the USA watch as some of the worlds most well renowned wine experts try some of the rarest bottles of their careers and see who really does make the best wine in the world.

    4. A Year In Champagne

    There really is no drink like Champagne and this documentary proves it.

    A chance to watch all that goes into making our favourite bottles of sparkling wine, this is a documentary best watched with a glass of the traditional method good stuff in hand. 

    5. Decanted

    An opportunity to learn what it truly takes to grow and establish a wine brand in the vineyard heavy region of Napa Valley in California.

    Watch as a new winery attempts to grow its roots in one of the most cutthroat industries in the world.

    6. Back To Burgundy

    One to watch with a packet of tissues not far away, this honest and romantic look at a family's legacy follows three siblings as they come together to continue their father’s winemaking legacy after his funeral.

    A beautiful look at the generations of work that has gone into the Burgundy wine region.

    7. Sideways

    The wine film to end all wine films, Sideways is a hilarious look at the pretentious nature of Napa Valley.

    Be warned, you may not look at a bottle of Merlot the same way after watching.

    8. Red Obsession

    Narrated by Russell Crowe, this journey from Bordeaux to Beijing shows how deep the world's obsession with fine wine really goes.

    A fantastic investigation into the counterfeit wine market that has developed in China as a result of huge demand for French wines. 

    9. Sour Grapes 

    If you enjoyed Red Obsession then you’ll love Sour Grapes.

    Follow French wine producer Laurent Ponsont on his quest to expose a rare wine fraud who has been auctioning off rare examples of fake fine wine for years.


    That’s our list of some of the best wine films and documentaries out there, an option for every discerning wine drinker who wants to brush up on their vino general knowledge.

    So grab a bottle, or just the remote, and take a deep dive into the world of wine from the comfort of your sofa. 

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