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    12 Wines For People Who Don't Like Wine

    Wine For People Who Don't Like Wine

    Wine isn’t for everyone and despite there being more wines than you may know what to do with there will be some people in your life who simply don’t like wine.

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    There could be lots of reasons why people don’t like wine.

    The taste may not be to their liking, the alcohol may be too high or they may just prefer other drinks!

    Wines For People Who Don't Like Wine (And Alcohol)

    All these reasons are valid but there may be times you may want to choose a wine for someone who doesn’t like wine, or even for yourself, and it's always good to know where to start.

    So what wines should you pick for someone who doesn’t like wine?

    1. Moscato d’Asti

    Moscato d’Asti is a perfect wine for people who don’t like wine.

    It’s fizzy, fruity and fun with a little touch of sweetness that makes it frothy perfection.

    Made in Italy, sweet Moscato d’Asti tastes like pear drops, sweet white grapes and the syrup from tinned peaches. 

    Think sweet and soft, with a sparkle that gently caresses your tastebuds.

    So smooth in fact it's impossible to have a glass and come up with a single reason as to why you don’t like wine in the first place. 

    The best temperature to serve Moscato is chilled between 41-46°F or 5-8°C.

    2. Prosecco

    What’s not to love in a glass of Prosecco?

    If you don’t enjoy the taste of wine then Prosecco may just be the wine for you.


    Part of Prosecco’s charm is that it’s not as seriously complex as other sparkling wines like the taste of Champagne and Cava. 

    Prosecco is made in a method that prioritises fun, fruity flavours.

    Think green apples and crisp slices of pear as well as lots of aromatic lemon and honeydew melon.

    A perfect pairing to change the mind of a person that doesn’t like wine. 

    3. Lambrusco

    Perhaps the ultimate wine for people who don’t like wine, Lambrusco is a wine so friendly it's hard to find a bad word to say about it. 

    Also Italian in origin, Lambrusco is a fruit forward sparkling red wine that not only makes the perfect pizza wine, but a very good option as a wine for someone who doesn’t like wine, too.

    Lambrusco tastes like thick slices of watermelon, cherries nestled on plates of ice and the sweet perfume of violet mixing with orange blossom.

    That’s all to say that Lambrusco is a delight, for those who like wine and for those who profess they don’t.

    4. Zinfandel Rosé

    The bright ruby colour of this Rosé should be enough to persuade anyone that this is a wine for someone who doesn’t like wine, but just in case it isn’t there’s lots of fun flavour to be found here too. 

    Zinfandel Rose

    In essence, a Zinfandel Rosé tastes like the best holiday you’ve ever had.

    Think big bowls of strawberries with cream, or scoops of raspberry sorbet on a summer evening or softly sweet candy floss at the fairground.

    A style associated with California, this is a bright ruby, watermelon scented, sweet Rosé wine.

    It’s bright and beautiful like the first few days of sun after winter and is bound to turn any negative feelings about wine around. 

    5. Provencal Rosé

    Provencal Rosé, on the other hand, is a perfect wine for people who don’t enjoy the taste of wine, because of its subtle nature.

    Whereas Zinfandel Rosé is bold and beautiful, Rosé from Provence has a much paler colour and much gentler tasting notes.

    Provencal Rose

    Gorgeous chilled Rose with cubes of ice on a hot day, Provencal Rosé is the colour of delicate rose petals and tastes like glistening segments of blood orange, taking the first bite of a white peach and like a very good strawberry panna cotta.

    Who says there’s not a wine for those who don’t like wine now?

    6. Orange Wine

    Not a wine made from oranges, no, but a white wine made in the style of red wine.

    Orange wine uses contact from the grape skins in the winemaking process to produce lovely, textured wines that some people think share tasting notes with cider. 

    So if you’ve got someone who doesn’t like wine because they prefer cider instead then this may be the wine style for them!

    Orange Wine

    Orange wine varies from bottle to bottle but tasting notes include peach iced tea, aromatic turkish delight and juicy apricots. 

    7. Riesling

    One of the noble grape varieties Riesling is a classic for a reason and may be the ideal wine for someone who doesn’t like wine. 

    With an acidity often described as racy, Riesling really gets your taste buds excited, with lots of notes of lime sherbet and honeyed apricots and fleshy pineapple.


    It’s tropical and tasty and potentially a good wine for someone who doesn’t like wine because they think it's bland, this wine isn't always dry as a bone, sweet Rieslings are also available along side the off-dry varieties.

    A glass of chilled Riesling will quickly prove them wrong. 

    8. Pinot Grigio

    If you like a dry white wine chances are you’ll love a Pinot Grigio, it’s one of the most popular white wine varieties out there.

    So popular in fact there’s a good chance it’ll make a great fit as a wine for people who say they dislike wine.

    Pinot Grigio

    With tasting notes like the oil from a lemon as you zest it, slicing up a green apple and white peach blossom, chilled Pinot Grigio is a very amiable wine that tends to get on with everyone it meets.

    Even if that person isn’t always the biggest fan of wine

    9. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

    If you don’t like to order wine because you prefer the taste of a cocktail then this may be the wine for you.

    A sweet Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough tastes exactly like a Pornstar Martini, with notes of tropical passionfruit, juicy gooseberry and zippy lime juice.

    Who needs to go to all the effort of a cocktail when you can pour yourself a glass of perfectly chilled Sauvignon Blanc instead?

    10. Pinot Noir

    Wines for people who don’t like wine become a bit tricky when it comes to red wine.

    The complexity and tannins often found in a glass of red wine can be too much for some.

    But luckily for us there’s always the joy of Pinot Noir as an option for a red wine for someone who doesn’t enjoy wine. 

    Pinot Noir is a very light grape that makes very light wines, you should be able to see through your glass once it's been poured.

    It's that delicate. This means lots of gentle fruit flavours such as cherry and raspberry and a touch of spice in the form of vanilla.

    Like a delicious slice of black forest gateau. What’s not to love about that?

    11. Beaujolais 

    Beaujolais is made using the Gamay grape in the Beaujolais region of France and as a result tastes like the most delightful bag of pick n mix from the sweet shop.

    Think soft violets, hints of chocolate, raspberry jelly and the sweetness of strawberry laces.

    It’s the funnest red wine around and is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face, even those who may not always enjoy red wines. 

    12. Alcohol Free Varieties

    Of course it may be more than flavour that’s behind someone not wanting to go for a glass of wine with dinner.

    Non Alcoholic Drinks

    Wine has a high alcohol content, it's part of its charm, but makes it unsuitable for those who don’t want to consume alcohol, for whatever reason. 

    A good wine for someone who doesn’t like wine when it comes to ABV then, are some of the many alcohol free wines currently available.

    There’s lots of fun to be had here in trying out all your options and coming up with a new favourite (alcohol free) wine!

    So there you have it, twelve wines for people who don’t like wine. There’s a wine for everyone if you look hard enough!



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