Best 9 Wines That Tastes Like Juice (2023 Picks)

    Wine That Tastes Like Juice

    If you're looking for a red wine with an especially "grapey" taste just like a bottle of alcoholic Welch's grape juice - just for parties! We've found 9 wine varieties for you that are sweeter and fruiter, for people who prefer the taste of grape juice to stereotypical, traditional wine flavours.

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    9 Wines That Taste Like Juice

    There's a variety of wines that taste sweet however there are fewer that taste like grape juice. Here are our 9 best wine varieties that taste like grape juice:

    • Concord
    • Pinot Noir
    • Moscato
    • Port
    • Riesling
    • Ice Wine
    • Lambrusco
    • Zinfindel
    • Sauternes
    • Gewürztraminer

    Lets take a look at the 9 wines that taste most like grape juice in more detail:

    1. Concord 

    Concord wine is made from Concord grapes (I'm sure you're shocked to know)! This type of wine has a thick, sweet and syrupy taste. 

    2. Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir wine has a red fruit aroma derived from berries such as cherry, strawberry and raspberry. While being one of the most romantic wines in the world this wine offers a lighter consistency than the Concord variety.

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    3. Moscato

    This wine is created using one of the oldest grape varieties. With it's orange and peach tones, chilled Moscato wine is known for it's light, sweet, bubbly taste 

    4. Port

    Port wine is fortified so it has a denser and sweeter taste compared to other non-fortified wines. Due to it's dense, high alcohol content port has a very similar texture to juice and certainly resembles the look of fruit juice.

    5. Riesling

    This light bodied, popular German wine can be either very dry or incredibly sweet.

    Riesling has an acidic taste which is often compared to the taste of lemonade, but not to worry this is offset by the sweet flavour. Nothing beats a chilled Riesling on a summers day.

    6. Ice Wine

    This desert wine is made from grapes frozen on the vine itself! As the grapes are ice cold when they're picked this concentrates the grape flavour within the wine creating a fruity taste.

    7. Lambrusco

    The red wine Lambrusco is a sparkling wine which also come in a chilled Rosé flavour. Sweetening of Lambrusco grapes is a result of fermentation or the addition of concentrated grape must. Lambrusco wine is the perfect dry wine with a fruity, grape taste.

    8. White Zinfandel

    White Zinfandel wines are slightly dry or sweet and carry a floral, sugary taste which will be welcome for anyone looking for a fruitier, grape like wine.

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    9. Sauternes

    This French desert wine has flavours of apricots, butterscotch, caramel and citrus so although it's not a similar taste to grape juice it's still a fruity option.

    What Are Wines That Taste Like Juice Made From?

    Everyone knows that wine is made of grapes even though it doesn't taste like grapes (most of the time)! Wines are generally made from a variety of different grapes and this is what gives each type of wine it's distinctive taste.

    If you're looking for a strong grape taste in your wine then choose a wine that's made from Concord grapes as these type of grapes are sweet and have a concentrated "grape" flavour.

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    Does Wine Taste Like Juice?

    No, in general wine doesn't taste like juice like fruit or grape juice. Sugar content and sweetness levels vary from wine to wine.

    While the alcohol content and the fermentation process of wine add to its deeper flavour. So when compared to juice, wine doesn't taste as sweet although there are sweet tasting notes in many wine varieties.

    Final Thoughts 

    If you're looking for a wine that tastes most like grape juice there's a variety of options of wine that taste sweet however there are fewer that taste like grape juice. Here's a reminder of our 9 wine varieties that ACTUALLY taste like grape fruit juice:

    • Concord
    • Pinot Noir
    • Moscato
    • Port
    • Riesling
    • Ice Wine
    • Lambrusco
    • Zinfindel
    • Sauternes

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