Should Moscato Be Chilled? (Full Guide)

    Do You Chill Moscato

    Moscato wine, typically made from the Muscat Blanc grape, is a beautifully sweet and aromatic grape, tasting of ripe peaches and sweet honeysuckle.

    In order to get the most out of this delicately perfumed variety it’s good to know the correct serving and storage temperatures for Moscato wine.

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    In this post, you'll discover everything you need to know about ‘should moscato be chilled’. We’ll also cover moscato best serving temperature, storage temperature and how long you should chill it.

    Should Moscato Be Chilled?

    Yes, Moscato should be chilled. The best temperature to serve Moscato is chilled between 41-46°F or 5-8°C, while its best to store Moscato wines at 12-15°C or 55-59°F.

    Moscato Wine Temperature Range
    Serving Temperature 41°F to 46°F
    5°C to 8°C
    Storage Temperature 55°F to 59°F

    Because of Moscato's sweet nature and high acidity Moscato is best served very chilled, like Rosé wines.

    The Best Temperature to Serve Moscato

    Moscato Chilling Temperature

    If you serve your Moscato too warm the temperature will affect the structure of the wine. Some of the delicate aromas will be lost and you may get an overwhelming taste of alcohol, which can ruin the experience for you and your guests.

    To help keep your Moscato wine at the ideal serving temperature you can use a wine cooler in between pours.

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    Moscato comes in lots of different forms and the best temperature to serve Moscato wine can vary according to the style that you have.

    3 Popular Styles of Moscato and Their Ideal Serving Temperature

    Serving Temperature for Muscato
    • Sparkling Moscato: Soft and sweet, this sparkling wine is fun and fruity and foams like a very good bubble bath. You’ll want to serve this style very cold, around 5-7°C or 41-45°F
    • Pink Moscato: Think raspberry, pomegranate and juicy segments of watermelon, Pink Moscato is the perfect drink for hot summer days. Again, you’ll want to serve this ice cold, so 5-7°C or 41-45°F is perfect
    • Moscato Dessert Wines: Not just for aperitifs, Moscato makes a really great dessert wine, with lots of complexity to match its sweetness. Pair with cheese and serve at around 5-7°C or 41-45°F

    What is the Best Storage Temperature for Moscato?

    Storing Moscato in Wine Fridge

    Moscato is best drunk whilst it's young, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stored carefully in the meantime.

    Store your Moscato in a wine cellar or wine refrigerator to keep it safe.

    A good storage temperature for Moscato is around 12-15°C or 55-59°F

    Having consistent storage conditions for your wine will help to reduce the likelihood of any faults or cork damage occurring to the bottle.

    Should You Put Moscato In The Fridge?

    Wine Coolers

    Yes, you can put wine in the fridge and this is recommended to help it reach the right temperature before serving.

    Moscato should go in the fridge before serving to help it reach the best serving temperature. Although it’s worth bearing in mind that most domestic fridges aren’t suitable for long term wine storage and may not be the right temperature for your wine.

    Wine refrigerators, on the other hand, are designed to not only keep your wine at its ideal serving temperature, but the conditions are specifically created to keep your wine bottles stored safely.

    How Long Should You Chill Moscato For?

    Because of its sweet aromatics, Moscato is a wine that needs to be chilled down properly before serving.

    It’s a good idea then, to ensure that your Moscato is in the fridge a 2-4 hours before serving to help it reach the right temperature.

    Kitchen refrigerators can often be too cold and dry for your wines to be in there for longer periods of time, so best to place your Moscato in the fridge on the day you wish to serve it.

    Specialised wine fridges have better storage conditions, and you can chill your wine in these fridges for longer periods of time.

    If you want to know more, take a look at our post about how long does Moscato last here.

    5 Tips on Serving Moscato

    • Moscatos have lots of sweet, perfumed aromas, so serve them well chilled
    • To help keep your Moscato cold in between servings use a wine cooler
    • The best temperature for serving Moscato wine is between 41-46°F or 5-8°C
    • You can chill your Moscato longer in a wine fridge than you can in a domestic kitchen fridge
    • Use a wine cellar or refrigerator to help store your wine

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