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    Glass or Solid Door Wine Cooler: Which Is The Best For Your Wines?

    Glass or Solid Door Wine Cooler?

    Do you need a glass or solid door wine fridge?

    Knowing how to store wine correctly is essential, no matter what type of wine you're collecting.

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    From keeping the wine in the right place to knowing about maintaining an appropriate temperature, there are many things to consider, but first, let's talk about the differences between wine fridges with solid or glass doors.

    Glass Or Solid Door Wine Fridge: Which Is Right For You?  

    Glass Door Wine Coolers

    Glass door wine coolers come in all dimensions and sizes and can be integrated into your kitchen cabinets, built in or freestanding

    Glass fronted wine fridges are an ideal option for storing wine in a space where you're looking to showcase your collection, especially if you're looking to install a wine fridge in the kitchen.

    The more aesthetically pleasing option out of the two, glass door wine coolers, provide you with the perfect housing to show off your wine collection. You and any guests will be able to see the labels of the wine without the need to open the door itself.  

    At the same time, glass door wine coolers are ideal for those who intend to store their wine bottles on a short-term basis. Rather than keeping the bottles to age and mature where a solid door wine fridge may be more suitable. 

    Solid Door Wine Fridge 

    Solid door wine fridges are ideal for those with a bit more space in their properties and when wanting to mimic the cooling environment that you would find when storing your wine bottles in a basement wine cellar or wine room.  

    For the most part, very few people have a wine cellar in their houses, so a solid door wine fridge is an ideal substitute for those wanting to store their wine in a way that closely resembles the conditions of a walk in wine cellar.  Solid door wine coolers eliminate 100% of UV light wine bottles are exposed to.  

    Solid door wine coolers maintain a level of humidity that is needed to ensure the corks in ageing bottles of wine do not dry out. If this were to happen, air will get into the bottle of wine and affect the quality; not what you want if you have expensive and vintage bottles of wine!  

    Mimicking a wine basement or cellar, a wine cabinets is ideal if you intend to collect bottles of wine rather than have somewhere to keep them chilled before consuming them.

    On the other hand, if you want somewhere to store your wine bottles before having guests over, then a glass door wine cooler is likely the best option for you!  


    Final Thoughts

    We hope you enjoyed our article on the differences between solid and glass door wine coolers.

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