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    How Long Does Moscato Last? (Opened, Unopened & Expiry)

    How Long Does Moscato Last

    Moscato doesn’t work in the same way that milk or fruit juice does, so it can be tricky to figure out how long it will last for.

    Whilst unopened Moscato may last longer than an open bottle of Moscato, sometimes it's all too common to open a bottle and see that it has spoiled.

    So if both opened and unopened bottles of wine can go bad over time, how do you know how long they will last for?

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    How Long Does Moscato Last Opened?

    Moscato Wines

    Opened Moscato can last between 1-3 days once it has been opened, but a lot of the fizz will have fallen flat and some of the more floral aromatic aromas may be lost.

    It’s best to use a wine stopper in between pours when serving Moscato, this will help to preserve the fizz and help the wine last longer once opened.

    Is this the same for unopened Moscato?

    How long will opened bottles of Moscato keep for?

    How Long Does Moscato Last Unopened?

    Unopened Moscato can last a lot longer than opened Moscato, thanks to the wine being sealed carefully during the bottling process.

    Depending on how it has been stored, a good Moscato can last about 3-5 years unopened.

    Storing is very important here, and badly stored wine can be the main reason wine doesn’t last as long as it could.

    So how should you store your Moscato?

    How To Store Opened Moscato

    Moscato In Wine Storage

    Storing your opened wine correctly is of utmost importance if you want the wine to last as long as possible.

    Some tips for storing your opened Moscato include:

    • Always store your opened Moscato upright - This helps to reduce the amount of oxygen contacting the wine, which in turn reduces the chance of wine faults developing.
    • Store your wine at a constant temperature - away from bright lights and vibrations. A freestanding wine fridge is perfect for storing opened bottles of Moscato.
    • Try and keep your Moscato sealed - This will minimise the wine’s exposure to oxygen and help it last longer.

    But what about unopened bottles of Moscato? Do the same tips work there?

    How To Store Unopened Moscato

    What is the best way to store unopened wine?

    You can get a good 3-5 years out of your unopened Moscato if you store it in the right conditions.

    A quality wine fridge is perfect for storing unopened Moscato. They will help to ensure cool, consistent temperatures in a humidity controlled environment.

    Storing your unopened Moscato on its side will also help it to last longer.

    The wine will maintain contact with the cork ensuring it doesn't dry out and encourage oxygen to come in contact with the wine.

    Oxygen is the main suspect when wine has gone bad, but can it affect Moscato?

    Does Moscato Go Bad?

    Unfortunately for all Moscato fans out there, Moscato wine can go bad over time.

    Just like all wines, Moscato isn’t invincible and can spoil over time.

    Unopened bottles of Moscato will last much longer than opened bottles, but it’s still important to drink your wine sooner rather than later.

    So what are the signs that a Moscato wine has gone bad?

    How Can You Tell Moscato Has Gone Bad?

    How To Test if Moscato is Bad

    There are a few key signs that a Moscato wine has gone bad:

    • If you’re drinking a sparkling Moscato and the bubbles are no longer present in the glass and the wine tastes flat, chances are the Moscato is no longer good to drink.
    • If the Moscato smells unpleasant, then chances are it’ll be unpleasant to drink too. If you can’t smell any of the signature fruity and floral scents associated with Moscato, then it’s probably become faulty.
    • If your Moscato tastes unusual and little bit like vinegar then unfortunately it’s probably past its best.

    So how can a fridge help to make sure your Moscato stays its best for as long as possible?

    Do You Keep Unopened Moscato In The Fridge?

    Yes, you can store unopened Moscato in the fridge.

    Built in wine fridges are perfect for storing unopened Moscato.

    These specialised wine fridges have consistent conditions and allow you to store your wine bottles on their side.

    Although you can store your unopened Moscato in a domestic fridge we wouldn’t recommend doing this for longer periods of time.

    They tend to be colder and drier environments than specialised wine fridges and may encourage your wine to spoil over time.

    Can the same be said for opened bottles of Moscato?

    How To Serve Different Styles of Moscato

    Moscato Wine Serving Chart

    Moscato comes in lots of different styles, so how should Moscato be served?

    • Still Moscato:Still moscato should be chilled at a cool temperature, around 41-46°F or 5-8°C. Use a wine cooler to help maintain this temperature in between servings.
    • Sparkling Moscato: Keep your Moscato d’Asti as fizzy and fun for as long as possible by serving it in fluted glassware and between 5-7°C or 41-45°F.
    • Pink Moscato: Pink Moscato is pretty in pink and strawberry sweet, the perfect summer wine. You’ll want to serve this sweet moscato cold, think between 5-7°C or 41-45°F.

    For more information on whether you should chill your Moscato, click here.

    What To Do With Leftover Moscato

    It’s hard to know what should be done with your leftover wine to avoid wastage and with Moscato it’s no different.

    If you have leftover Moscato that you’re not going to drink then try and use it in cooking to add flavour and depth to dishes.

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    You can freeze your wine here, just pop your leftover Moscato into a freezer safe container and bring it out when your next recipe requires a glass of white wine.

    Who said wine ever had to go to waste?

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