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    Is Sangria Sweet or Dry? (Sweetness Scale)

    Is Sangria Sweet

    There’s nothing that screams summer as much as a deliciously refreshing pitcher of Sangria, complete with little cocktail umbrellas and juicy segments of orange.

    But how sweet is Sangria?

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    Is Sangria Dry or Sweet?

    Is Sangria Sweet?

    Sangria is probably best described as off-dry, as the dry elements of the red wine are sweetened by the addition of a sugar syrup, sweet mixer and plenty of ripe fruit.

    The good news is that Sangria is completely customisable and you can make it as sweet or as dry as your heart desires.

    So what makes Sangria sweet?

    Why Is Sangria Sweet?  

    When making up a Sangria traditionally you would use:

    • Spanish red wine
    • Soda water
    • A simple syrup to the mix to add a refreshing sweetness you would with most cocktails.

    So the more simple syrup you add the sweeter the Sangria!

    And if you’ve made your Sangria a little too sweet for your liking, add some more of the dry elements like the red wine or the soda water to balance it back out.

    Sweetness aside, what does Sangria taste like?

    What Does Sangria Taste Like?

    Sangria Taste

    There’s no two ways about it, a good Sangria tastes like the perfect night on a perfect holiday.

    The red wine base adds a delicious fruity complexity and the addition of spirits such as brandy, mixers such as soda water and lots of fresh fruit creates a multi-layered and delicious cocktail best served with lots of ice and some tapas to boot. 

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    So flavours aside, what are the typical characteristics associated with Sangria?

    Sangria Characteristics

    Now we’ve got a grasp on sweetness, what other characteristics can you expect to find in a pitcher of Sangria?

    • Alcohol Levels - Now this depends on the person mixing up your Sangria! But the presence of soda water and lots of ice makes this a lower ABV cocktail than other drinks such as Martinis.
    • Sweetness Level - Typically Sangria is off-dry, although if you have a sweet tooth feel free to go a little heavier on the simple syrup.
    • Acidity Level - There’s lots of sharp red wine and beautiful fruit in Sangria, giving it a really zingy refreshing acidity. A perfect cocktail to eat with an outdoor picnic or a summer barbecue.
    • Tannin Level - Because it is made with red wine there will be some tannins present, but they’ll be softened by the addition of other ingredients.
    • Body - Sangria will have a light to medium body, it is refreshing and fun over anything else.

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    So how does the sweetness of Sangria compare to other sweet drinks such as Moscato?

    Is Sangria Sweeter Than Moscato?

    Moscato Vs Sangria

    Moscato is known for making softly sweet and delicate white wines, and chances are most Moscato will taste sweeter than your Sangria, unless you prefer your Sangria recipes with double the sugar syrup!

    Perhaps bring a bottle of Moscato to your next Sangria party and see how the two compare side by side. Like the sweetest of science lessons, it makes a fun way to drink!

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    Sangria Oranges

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