Should Sangria Be Chilled? (Full Guide)

    Do You Chill Sangria

    Nothing says sun, summer and dreaming of a holiday in Spain like a pitcher of Sangria.

    But how do you serve Sangria?

    If Sangria is made with red wine does that mean it needs to be chilled?

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    Do You Chill Sangria?

    Yes, Sangria should be chilled. Sangria should be served chilled between 4 - 8°C (39°F - 46°F) and stored cold at 4 - 8°C (39°F - 46°F) too.

    Sangria Serving Temperature

    Credit: Sueca Sangria 

    Sangria needs to be cold and it needs to be refreshing. 

    So aim to serve your Sangria over ice at a temperature between 4-8°C or 39-46°F.

    So if Sangria needs to be served cold and preferable over ice what temperature should you store Sangria? What is the best storage temperature for Sherry?

    What is the Best Storage Temperature for Sangria? 

    Sherry storage temperature

    Sangria is made up of lots of different ingredients, so the only Sangria you need to worry about storing is the leftover kind. 

    Store any leftover Sangria in the fridge at a temperature between 4°C and 8℃ (39–46°F).

    So when can you put Sangria in the fridge?

    Should You Put Sangria In The Fridge?

    Sangria is at its best when served super cold and beautifully refreshing, so try and put Sangria in the fridge in between servings.

    You can also store any leftover Sangria you may have in the fridge too and it will keep well for a couple of days.

    So how long should Sangria go in the fridge for?

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    How Long Should You Chill Sangria For?

    Chilling Time For Sangria

    Once you’ve mixed all of your Sangria ingredients together, that's when you need to focus on chilling the Sangria right down.

    Serve your Sangria over ice to help cool it down, and keep your Sangria in the fridge in between pours to help keep this summer cocktail refreshingly cold. 

    Keep any leftover Sangria in the fridge and aim to finish it within 48 hours to ensure it’s tasting at its best. 

    Here are our five top tips on how to serve your Sangria:

    5 Tips on Serving Sangria


    • Sangria is a drink best served cold! Aim to serve your Sangria between 4-8°C or 39-46°F.
    • Keep your Sangria in the fridge in between servings to help keep it cool.
    • To help chill your Sangria make sure to serve it over lots of ice with juicy slices of orange and lemon, too.
    • Store any leftover Sangria in the fridge and aim to keep it between 4-8°C or 39-46°F.
    • If you feel like being really fancy, add ice and fruit garnish to the glasses you plan on serving your Sangria in.

    Summary of Do You Chill Sangria?

    Here's everything you need to know about chilling Sangria:

    Topic Ideal Temperature
    Temperature for Serving Sangria 4-8°C or 39-46°F
    Temperature for Storing Leftover Sangria 4-8°C or 39-46°F
    Do You Put Sangria in the Fridge? In between servings
    Chilling Time for Sangria? Serve over ice, chill between pours, finish within 48 hours
    5 Tips on Serving Sangria Serve 4-8°C or 39-46°F, keep in fridge between servings, serve over ice with orange and lemon slices, store leftover Sangria 4-8°C or 39-46°F, add ice and fruit garnish to serving glasses

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