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    How Many Bottles In A Case Of Wine?

    How Many Bottles In A Case of Wine

    You’re planning a party and someone’s suggested you buy the wine by the case instead of by the bottles as you would normally do.

    Buying wine by the case sounds like a smart decision.

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    But what is a case of wine, exactly, and how many bottles are in a case of wine?

    How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine?

    In the average US / UK wine case there are 12 bottles (750ml) of wine, which is about 60 glasses of wine.

    Wine Bottles In A Case

    You may be familiar with the cardboard wine carriers you can get in some supermarkets that also carry 6 bottles.

    It’s that exact same quantity that you can expect from a case of wine.

    As with all things wine though, the answer of how many bottles you get when you are purchasing wine by the case isn’t always straightforward.

    How Bottle Sizes and Shapes Affect a Case

    There are many factors that can affect how many bottles of wine in a case and how it informs the decisions you should make when buying wine by the case.

    For bigger sized bottles of wine such as magnums and jeroboams fitting 6 bottles in a case can prove tricky!

    Wine Bottle Sizes

    Therefore for super sized bottles of wine expect a slightly more custom number of wine bottles per case.  

    How Do You Buy a Case of Wine?

    So you’ve decided that buying wine by the case is the best option for you. How do you go about it?

    Buying a wine bottle has always been easy but how do you level up to purchasing wine by the case?

    Well there are two options here. When it comes to buying wine by the case you can either buy a custom case of wine or a pre selected case of wine sold by a wine retailer. 

    What Is The Difference Between a Custom and Pre-selected Case

    When buying wine by the case you have a couple of options.

    Most wine retailers will have pre-selected cases of wine that are available to purchase. These can either be a case of six bottles of the same wine, which is a great option when you are purchasing wine by the case as a way of buying bulk quantities.

    You may also find a pre-selected case of different bottles of wine that the wine retailer may feel go together well or provide an accurate introduction or curation to a theme or occasion.

    This option can take away a lot of the stress of buying wine by the case.

    Buying a pre-selected case of wine becomes easier when all you have to do is choose your theme.

    Anything from a party pack to Old World wines or a tour of the Rioja region.

    There’s a pre-selected case for everyone!

    How Do You Buy a Custom Case of Wine

    Well this is where the fun begins. There is no right or wrong way to build a custom case of wine and any good wine retailer will be more than happy to help you on this adventure.

    Cases of wine can be customised according to your budget, your favourite wines, preference of style and how adventurous you are feeling.

    Buying Cases of Wine

    Choosing a custom case of wine can be a wonderful opportunity to tailor your wine purchase completely to yourself.

    Whether you want to build a case of firm favourites or try and expand your palette with new varieties, makers or regions there’s lots of fun to be had here!

    How Much Does a Case of Wine Cost?

    The cost of a wine case can vary depending on what wine case option you went for.

    On average the cost of a six bottle case of wine can range from between £70 ($85) to £150 ($180) and a twelve bottle case of wine will cost more.

    But bear in mind that the more bottles you buy in bulk the more money you will be saving in the long run.

    Buying a case of wine may seem like an investment in comparison to buying wine by the bottle but the more bottles you purchase in case format, the more savings you will make!

    What about buying a custom case of wine?

    Well, the joy of buying a custom case means that you have more say in what goes in it and this includes your budget.

    Wine retailers are used to handling budgets of every shape and size so don’t be shy about stating what money you have to work with and letting the experts tailor your choices to suit you. 

    Pros and Cons of Buying Wine by the Case?

    All sounds too good to be true?

    Wondering what the pros and cons of buying wine by the case are?

    The pros and cons of buying wine by the case very much depend on the occasion you’re buying for.

    Buying wine by the case comes in handy when you’re catering for a large group of people, you want to stock up your wine cellar or wine fridge or you want to buy in bulk now to make sure you always have something fun to drink whenever your heart desires.

    But there are also times when buying by the bottle works just as well. Perhaps you just want to get something in for dinner later, or are trying out a new retailer, variety or style and don’t want to invest in a case just yet.

    Either is fine!

    But isn’t it nice to go through your day knowing that whenever the need arrives, a case of wine is only a few clicks away?



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