How Many Glasses of Champagne in a Bottle? (14 Bottle Sizes)

    Glasses of Champagne in a Bottle

    There’s one question that every party planner needs to know the answer to:

    How many glasses can you get out of one Champagne bottle?

    There’s no festivity without fizz and what better way to celebrate any occasion than with multiple bottles of Champagne?

    How Many Glasses of Champagne in a Bottle?

    Champagne Glasses in 1 Bottle

    The serving size for a standard 750ml (25 fl. oz.) bottle of Champagne is 6 glasses (125ml) of Champagne.

    So how can you work out exactly how many Champagne bottles your party needs?

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    How Many Bottles of Champagne Do You Need?

    So how many bottles of Champagne will you need for your event?

    Well, it depends on the amount of guests and how generous you are feeling.

    • If you want to provide a welcome glass of Champagne for each guest then knowing there are 6 glasses in each Champagne bottle is crucial
    • If you have 150 guests you will require 25 bottles of Champagne to give everyone attending 1 glass of Champagne

    We might have paid more attention to maths at school if it looked like this.

    Heres the info on the number of standard size Champagne bottle you'll need depending on how many people are being served 1 glass:

    Number of Guests Number of Bottles Number of Glasses
    10 2 12
    20 4 24
    30 5 30
    40 7 42
    50 9 54
    75 13 78
    100 17 102
    150 25 150
    200 34 204
    250 42 252
    300 50 300
    500 84 504
    1000 167 1002

    But does this maths apply to every Champagne bottle?

    What if the bottle comes in a different size?

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    Champagne Bottles: A Size Guide

    Champagne bottles tend to come in 750ml quantities as standard, but there are other options out there.

    In fact there are 14 types of Champagne bottles.

    Let’s take a look at them:

    Bottle Type Capacity Litres Bottle Equivalent No. Glasses (125ml)
    1. Piccolo 0.1875 1/4 of a standard bottle 1
    2. Half Bottle (Demi) 0.375 1/2 of a standard bottle 3
    3. Standard Bottle 0.75 1 6
    4. Magnum Bottle 1.5 2 12
    5. Jeroboam Bottle 3 4 24
    6. Rehoboam Bottle 4.5 6 36
    7. Methuselah Bottle 6 8 48
    8. Salmanazar Bottle 9 12 72
    9. Balthazar Bottle 12 16 96
    10. Nebuchadnezzar Bottle 15 20 120
    11. Solomon Bottle 18 24 144
    12. Sovereign Bottle 25 34 200
    13. Primat Bottle 27 36 216
    14. Melchizedek Bottle 30 40 240

    1. Piccolo

    A piccolo sized champagne bottle is only 187.5ml of Champagne or 1/4 of a standard bottle which is just over 1 glass of Champagne - keep it to yourself!

    2. Half Bottle (Demi)

    At 375ml (12.6 fl oz) this is a small format of Champagne bottle which holds 3 glasses.

    3. Standard Bottle

    At 750ml (25 fl oz) this is the most common size of Champagne bottle and holds 6 servings. 

    4. Magnum Bottle

    This is a hugely popular showstopper format of Champagne, holding the equivalent of two standard bottles.

    It is 1.5liters (50 fl oz) in size and holds 12 servings of Champagne in 125ml glasses. 

    5. Jeroboam Bottle

    Jeroboam Bottle Size

    This is twice the size of the Magnum coming in at a whopping 3 litre (101 fl oz) capacity.

    That's 24 x 125ml glasses of Champagne to enjoy.

    You’ll need strong arms to pour from this bottle.

    6. Rehoboam Bottle

    Sitting at 4.5 Litres or 6 x standard Champagne bottles you'll get 36 glasses of bubbly, bubbly-ness.

    7. Methuselah Bottle

    Double the size again, a Methuselah can hold a mammoth 48 servings of Champagne with its 6 litre (203 fl oz) capacity.

    8. Salmanazar Bottle

    A Salmanazar is the equivalent of 12 standard bottles and has a capacity of 9 litres (304 fl oz).

    That is 72 glasses of Champagne.

    I hope you and your guests are thirsty!

    9. Balthazar Bottle

    They just keep getting bigger!

    A Balthazar holds a mighty 16 standard bottles and has a capacity of 12 litres (405 fl oz).

    We're up to 96 x glasses of 125ml of Champagnes.

    10. Nebuchadnezzar Bottle

    Nebuchadnezzar Bottle Size

    Last but by no means least this Champagne bottle to end all Champagne bottles contains 15 litres of sparkling wine.

    That’s 120 glasses of Champagne in one bottle!

    11. Solomon Bottle

    We hope you have a few party guests on hand because a Solomon bottle is 18 litres or 24 standard Champagne bottles, that's 144 glasses...there won't be a dry mouth in the house!

    12. Sovereign Bottle

    25 litres of Champagne equating to 34 bottles of standard size Champagne, thats 200 glasses of 125ml.

    13. Primat Bottle

    Primat bottles hold 27 litres of Champagne or 36 standard bottles and a total of 216 glasses.

    14. Melchizedek Bottle

    Melchizedek Bottle Size

    The biggest of the biggest bottles available to buy, a Melchizedek bottle holds 30 litres of Champagne which is a the same as a whopping 40 standard bottles.

    You'll have enough to give 1 glass of Champagne to 240 of your guests (240 glasses) - quite the occasion!

    With a bottle for every occasion, big or small, you’ll have everything you need to provide the Champagne and the celebration at your next event.


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